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What I can tell you about myself which you have not already found out from those who do not lie?

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5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi there,

    I see you’re a fan of UnXpected and I just wanted to ask if you happen to know the title of the song UnXpected’s bassist, Asri, usually sings.. It’s a pretty cool song with quite a memorable guitar riff. It’s been bugging me for quite some time now, so it would be great if you knew what the song title is, or who sang it and such..

    Thanks a whole lot! 🙂

  2. hi i think Amanat is truly deserving champ and he should win this contest.As far as others are concerned i think Raja is also good but Aneek is too much hyped challenger all becoz of himesh .

    Dont fight guys

    Let the best singer wins .lets c

  3. Listen guys… If you start watching the performance of Amanat, Aneek and Raja from the beginning you will come to know that on every instance Amanat have provided him self the best among others as he is one of the versotile singer in the competition.. Infact this singer is beyond this competition.. This have been said by Jagjit Singh and Shekhar as well.. Raja is a very good singer and have a perfect voice but he’s not versotile. He only sings the songs of Kailash Kher or Sukhwinder singh.
    the bollywood have already got Sukhwinder Singh and Sonu Nigam then why should they hunt for the talents like Raja and Aneek. Amanat is a very different singer and there is no such singer like him so far in the bollywood..

  4. In my opinion Amanat will win this competition..he is a versatile singer and a perfect voice for saregamapa..Raja sings same type songs just like a folk singers..aneek is gud too..but Amanat is different in them..

  5. 🙂

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