Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has lost!!!

Aneek has won… but Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has lost!!!

We all know that… Amanat and Raja deserved it…


~ by Rajeev on October 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has lost!!!”

  1. You have some hotline with the producer? How do u ‘know’ the result when it is not declared yet?

  2. omg no thants not f’in true aneek deserved 2 win!

  3. It is the otherway round. Saregamawon since aneek won! Superb honey oozing voice and unforgettable voice. yearn to hear more and more from his voice for ever. God bless him!

  4. Next to or almost equal to Aneek is Poonam and Musharat having similar divine voices while next comes raja hasan. Amanat is only fit for a few gazal songs even not all gazals. Amanat’s rememberable and applaudable renditions are only on finger counting while aneek’s , poonam’s, musharat and raja hasan’s are all or many.

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