Amanat and Raja deserved to win!!! Don’t You Think So???

I still can’t believe it… Aneek has won the contest!!!


~ by Rajeev on October 14, 2007.

52 Responses to “Amanat and Raja deserved to win!!! Don’t You Think So???”

  1. Amanat please cut an album- with kishore da’s songs-especially: kehna hai, kehna hai, tum sae yae pehli baar, tum hi to laayae ho jeevan mein maerae, paar, paar, pyaar”


  2. Without a doubt Amanat and Raja were among the winners today. Without a doubt Aneek was number three. This game was only between the two of them. Himesh knew Aneek was going to win (because it was a set up) because of the way he was acting before the results were announced. Idiots.

    In SRGMP, the losers win. They gave nothing to Amanat and Raja except a watch? Very good. Those two will “tell time” who are winners. They dont need that crap.

    If SRGMP was fair. They should ahve realized that these three are so close (especially Amanat and Raja) that they should have had a surprise for them. They give Mauli and Poonam gifts, but nothing to Amanat and Raja.


  3. East or West, Aneek is the best !

  4. Indie Idol, cool. What can say!


  5. One should be satisfied to listen to somebody who appealed to ears of ones’ won. The channels people must be having their own problems like somebody from mafia or politition or a relative or a freend or the money may have played the trick , who knows what.

  6. this is the most disappointing episode of all. It is very clear that indians did not vote for amanat. eventough he is better of the lot. he is THE BEST. i am very ashamned to call myself an indian. it is a loss for the music itself. amanat we are with you . we love you.

  7. It’s a set up and we all felt it … Beshermiah made an excellent programme into a joke insulting it credibility that vievers are questioning if it were a set up. The deserving winners lost and bechara becha thinks that he really is the best.. how sad.

    Pls. don’t blame India , they did it out of patriotism, but the least they could have done was to pick a better Indian if they felt that Amanat would have insulted indian music pride.
    “there are just no borders in talent and art but it’s purity”

  8. I think it is the height of insulting Raja and Amanat, who also worked hard at their music and singing for months, to hand tham “stupid” watches.

    How perfectly embarassing!

    At the least sa re made over 1 million? dollars or someone did, the phone company? from the sms calls from overseas. At the least Raja and Amanat should also have gotten a chevrolet spark each !!!

    Disgusting. I don’t even want to watch sa re any more. I will definitely not vote for any sa re candidate anymore. I think sa re should be boycotted for being so insulting and cheap.

    Amanat was definitely not groomed right–I know Ismail Darbar, was good and helped and his guru etc. but I still think that the choice of songs given to Amanat were not strong enough.

    Amanat was so very gracious and handled the vote count, like a real gentleman. So did Raja.

    And it seems, Pakistan was not allowed to sms? How strage. My pakistani friends in the US, did not even know that sms from Pak was not being allowed. Not allowed by whom? Did Pakistan residents vote at all?

    I thought it was telling that he gave his watch to Ismail Darbar– I guess it was his way of saying thank you, since the gurus did not get any awards either.

  9. Dasha,

    I wish you would not post like the last one you posted. We have to listen to enough trash in our modern culture already. We don’t need yours on this site. Would do you say fans?

    I was hoping that this was a real upscale music lover’s site, not some person trying to market their site.

    Hope this site owner removes her/his inane and irrational, cryptic story.

  10. Ria, I have banned Dasha already. I don’t need anymore Dasha here. I’m not trying to market this site. I need genuine people and their opinion. I value that.

  11. I did not know that sms from pakistan was not allowed.?

    if true, then most of the talk of getting two estranged people together is only just that , cheap talk , that is.

    and also, zee making tons of money, could they not have allocated decent consolation prizes to the runners up. How shameless.

    something really stinks..

  12. Yes,
    Aamanat n Raja were better options…the only reason i watched de show was for Vishal-Shekhar…[esp Shekhooo]..dey r the best mentors on de sured ey wud do justice to raja and amanat.

  13. Also, I am sure Oink will end up like Debojit…and who knows Amanat cud be seen after 10 yrs as a mentor in the same show as Shekhoo:)

  14. Forgot to mention…I strongly feel Ismailji was not agressive enuf in backing Amanat up…look at Himesh and VS…Himesh and his roti talk…VS esp left their recording to come to cheer for raja…vishal alwasy counter argued wid himesh wenvere raja was targeted…wat did ID do?/couple of times even sed..”Amanat ke vote Oink ko do”..

  15. just as a thought. you could check out my blog about the Q music awards in the UK.

    as controversial as these I reckon.


  16. HI

    I think Himesh is a gr8 politician than a music director he is a marketting guy and not an artist

    I think he was knowing the results before hand so he gave the bade bhaiya,..n blah blah comments before the declaration

    I think It shuld have beeen Amant—Raja and than Aneek

    these were the worst results of Sa re ga ma pa

  17. Hi
    I too expected either Amanat or Raja would win, though Anik is a good singer.Probably, People fell for HR’s dramatics. Zee TV could have gifted Amanat and Raja also appropriately, for their excellent performances.I’m sure both of them will go very far as good singers. They have won the hearts & goodwill of crores of people. I really wish them all the best for a very bright futue.

  18. Good for your fore-sight Rajeev.

    Thanks for keeping this site clean. What a relief!

  19. Aneek does not deserve to win..too much show-off and natak business. Himesh is pathetic guru and talks so much non-sense. They have both swayed the mnds of the bholi junta and tricked them into voting for Aneek. Himesh talks are irrelevant..yesterday also he said in front of everyone Aneek will touch BappiDa’s feet. How supid is that…all natak for junta. Even when he was commnting on someone else’s performance he would sidetrack the issue into Aneek’spraise. Please Zee and producers of this show, use your brains. What is all this about affairs and girls business that Himesh always drags into the looses the decorum of the show. Last time also he did the same thing with Vineet.
    Vineet was a good singer, he lost because of his guru. Aneek have given some good performances, but his Sonu Nigam copies are patheric. Technically, he should be out of the competition based on voting results in the last episdes…but this time is was best of 3, so he was still in the game. Compared to Amanat and Raja, he is not good and we should accept that. This is a talent show and not all Bengalis vote for Aneek contest. The best man should win, not someboy who keeps saying “I love you”s on the stage. Himesh and Aneek have made the program cheap, Raja and Amant know what the izzat of stage is.

  20. sulbha, I agree. HR is a manipuolator. But he supported and promoted Anik, brilliantly.

    Amanat was the most genuine of the lot and Vishal and shekhar were beyond reproach.

  21. i m very happy tht ANEEK is the winner we all r with u…..3lack63thousand vote jio ANEEK jioo….

    i wnt to tell all of thm who wrigjt here tht AMANAT yaa RAJA is winner(according to thm) but i wnt to tell how? vote hi nehi dete or AMANAT & RAJA bol k chillate ho…vote karo tab na competition hoga…hahaha..we all ANEEK FAN

  22. Some people just don’t know how to spell. One ought to be able to write in a manner that is understandable. Don’t you agree?

    The point is not about. “not voting,” the crux of the matter is that Pakistan was not allowed to vote via. SMS. Without Pak’s support Amanat could not win, just like without Bengal’s support Aneek could not have.

    Aneek is also good. His last few songs were very good. But Amant’s VOICE is unique, different and appealing and does not “bore” the listener.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    But please, posters, try and write in regular english, instead of abbreviations and short-hand.

  23. Well, it was obvious that the results were known in advance to HR. I can see the excellent and professionlism of Ismaeel Darbab & Vishal+Shaker in all the shows but HR seems to be immature in his attitude. HR just looks like proudy. Since public has voted and we have to respect the opinion but i personally feel that Amanat should be 1, Hassan 2 and Aneeq 3. Looks like HR has played a big role to bring Aneeq at 1. Well done HR.

  24. I wonder what it costs to make an album….?

  25. I am Agree with u all Raja or amanat deserved to win the Sa re ga ma contest, and next time m not going to vote for anyone bcoz its not original results.


  27. if aneek copy sonu then raja copy sukhwinder kialash kher
    amanat is the only original if he was indian he could win

  28. 22,000 people got cheated on the Grand finale ‘live’ show and millions around the world got fooled with the lip-synched karaoke performance on the final show.

    Check the youtube link to find reality behind the reality show.
    Can the standards of live performances in India be improved??

  29. Yes, BollywoodPlusPlus, the Grand Finale was a major disapointment.

    Instead of having the 3 toppers sing some more for the audience, we had to watch irrelevent others contort themselves. The contestants had to sacrifice their singing to outfits, makeup, dancing and mimicking bollywood (boogie-wood) and participate in a vaudeville-like event, rather than serious singing.

    Thats it for me with Sa re–no more voting or even watching.

    What a waste of talent.

    Yes, it was all vaudeville-karaoke.

  30. This was also a test of secularism in India, look at that side as well. Muslims lost and a Hindu won the show even when he was less expected. Why we are not trying to avoid that hidden truth?

  31. I do not think India should invite contestants from other countries.They cant
    or wont let any body els win anyway, and music industry becomes the big
    looser, because they get the third in number.Its all awaist of publics emotions.
    I will never watch another singing contest again.

  32. I don’t know about you guys but I am really missing Amanat’s voice/singing.

    Lil Champs is now on, and I kept envisioning Sonu Nigham singing with Amanat on stage. If any of you, reading this know Amanat, or by God’s will, you are reading this yourself Amanat, please keep singing for us. I think AMANAT’S AND SONU’s voice would be greatly complimentary to each other.

    But sure am glad to not have to watch HR! what a relief!

    I know they are going to be performing in the US, but unfortunately not in TN.

    ’till later guys an’ gals,

    p.s. I am trying to raise awareness regarding the needless killing of shelter animals, mostly cats and dogs in the USA. (this is happening all over the world) If interested please log on to: (The whole world is invited to post comments if you have a moment) It is very sad that this is going on.

    Thanks y’all.

  33. I honestly don’t think its a Hindu or Muslim issue.

    Despite being an Amanat fan, I just have to admit, in the spirit of fairness, that Aneek’s technical skills were excellent and to some extent even superior than Amanat’s. His ability to carry a tune, and range were without doubt amongst the best.

    In defense of the Hindus, I must say that Hinduism is one of the most accommodating of religions. Demi -Gods, holy men, avatars, angels, demons, can all be incorporated into Hinduism, continually. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Pantheism have all found their followers in the people of Indian sub-continent.

    The problematic issue is why SMS from Pak was not allowed. I am still figuring this one out.

    I am sure that there were many Muslims who might have voted for Aneek, as well as many Hindus who voted for Amanat.

    International voting is no doubt problematic.

  34. Aneek was very undeserving winner (bcoz of tendancy of eastern India to overvote), It was rather unexpected bcoz Raja’s fan following is double that of Aneek. (Check orkut fan club members 12,000 vs aneek’s mere 5,000). No dount Aneek is a good singer, but he is not th best. Amaanat and Raja are better. Aneek cant make it big into industry as playback singer as Sonu nigam exists. Amaanat is original voice and classicaly best trained singer in the world (of young generation). Raja is an excellent sufi singer, I bet he is a better singer than Kailash Kher (Compare his teri deewani and chak de phatte performances..even Kailash Kher would agree raja is better than him). Its so sad that Aneek won

    Any case I dont think Himesh would help Aneek, bcoz he makes loud cheap songs, which he sings 90% himeslf, which dont suit aneek’s voice. Aneek has nothing in his kitty (except for the 50 lac contract). Raja has already sung 2 film songs + 3rd offer from Anand raj aanad (He gave 1 promise to Amaanat also, but not to Aneek)

  35. This is a great injustice and anyone who loves Music would say that Raja should have won this competition. Aneek is nowhere near the caliber of Raja and Amanat. Great injustice has been served to Music and Music Lovers. Sa Re Ga Ma should take notice and should not let such things happen. The whole world had let that nutcase called Himesh something manipulate everyone, the whole country and world. The guy should receive a kick from my stiletto. He talks about respecting women, all he does is teach his disciples how to flirt with them. I don’t think any parent in his or her right mind would ever send his daughter with in 2 inches of this guy. So Aneek finally won to I must say a great satisfaction of his egoistical maniac master. Hope the entire world’s worst may befall him. He has personally hurt music lover like me. The guy should rot eternally and not allowed to give any kind of music. I again feel like vomiting because I had to think of his ugly face while writing. Yuck!!

  36. YES. Raja’s “Taeri Diwani” was excellent.

  37. my vote only for Raja Raja Raja Raja Raja Raja Raja RajaRaja

  38. vishal shekhar ji please com on little chams beause witout you little champs so boring. please com on little champs. sir aap dono aur raja ko hi best guru shishy ka award milega beacuse aap teeno bhot hi ache insan ho all the best aap ki khatir mene raja ko vote kerne ke liye 10 id banai aour roze dus id banake raja ko vote kiya. aour mi Raja ko hi viner manti hon.he is tha best i am big fan shekhar ji mene bhot si side min jaker unko massege bheja hi seema ke nam se imrana,ratna,shagufta magar kbhi bhi koi ans.nahi mila it is my bad luck per i am very happy ki vishal ji se jab mene requst ki to javab aya vishal ji you are very sweet you have very beautifull hart i am big fan you also beacuse you are very honest and tru mu..lover.

  39. Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you
    Raja my vote only for you

  40. I think Aneek was great but poonam should have been the final thre dang the stupid girls who vote because they think the guys are hotties!!! I mean if Aditya Narayan were a contestant all the girls would vote for him I mean i have to say he is pretty hot!!!

  41. i really wanna dat raja should b d winner n in my view he will always b d winner///////////

  42. I’ve never followed this show before, but a few days ago somebody sent me a you tube link of Amanat’s last performance – and I was mesmerized. I searched for his other performances and a few just blew me away, in particular, his rendition of Ghulam Ali Sahab’s Hungama hai kyun and Ismail Darbar’s Albela Sajan. I can’t really make a judgement on who deserved to win, and who was better or not, because I did not watch the show in its entirety – but from what parts I did watch (on I did feel that Amanat had quite a phenomenal voice coupled with the fact that he has remarkable control over it.

    That said, I would have never expected Amanat to win given the voting pattern – we in the subcontinent have as yet not entirely overcome many of our predispositions. But I do have to say that the fact that he did reach the top 3 without too much support from home is a true testament to the universality of art.

  43. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  44. AMANAT WAS DA BEST!!!! no matter what u say!!!!
    and i love amanats voice!!!! he is so the best!
    Raja n Aneek suck!

  45. VOIROB just SHUT UP!

  46. WElll POOMAN WAS ALSO TERRIFIC!!!!! the public n all have a LAME taste!!!!!!

  47. They were all fantastic, please give credit to the people who actually gave all these youngsters a break into fame. Out of choice Amanat was a natural, his ability to perform was a cut above the rest. The recognition to attain fame will prevail regardless of the result.

  48. wow u guys are ridiculous u think amanat and raja are good. hahahahha raja sounds like he has a cow stuck in his throat and amanat just has an unpleasant voice . Aneek is one of the single greatest voices i have ever heard in my life, if not the best. Amanat was ok, but raja was terrible. I dont understand y he gets movie offers, do ppl not understand how ugly and disgusting his voice is. Amanat is still good and i believe he should have been second and raja 3rd. of course however, aneek should have been number 1 and i am not being biased towards anyone, because i kno several pakistani singers like atif aslam, and adnan sami who are really good singers as well as amanat, but not raja and aneek was truly the best.

  49. Simply Correct…!

  50. Its been 2 years now and i still cannot believe the shameless behaviour of Himesh Reshamiya, Aneek was not even in the same leagues as Amanat or Raja.

  51. And by the way M, Aatif Screams, he doesnt sing, if u need a musical genius to prove it, try asking someone with a musical back ground to listen to “Hum Kis Gali Jaa Rahe HAi” its the music that saves the song.

  52. aneek does not deserves to to win between the 2 great tallented singer. and aneeks entry was also very injustice this was not fair at all.

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