Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 Finalists on Aaj Tak — Watch Online







~ by Rajeev on October 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 Finalists on Aaj Tak — Watch Online”

  1. Raja Hassan seem like a polished singer and sings perfectly with variety and clarity in his tone as for Amanat he can improve further with good quality in his voice and he should stand the second place in my opinion and as for Aneek he has lots of room to improve cos his voice still sound very immatured and has no melody and echoes of a real singer like Raja Hassan has. Amanat is also quite good as for Aneek he seem only good in rap songs but other he just screams and forces himself to sing. Both Raja Hassan and Aneek are comfortable and relax singers but Aneek pushes himself to sing and this should not be seen in a singer.

  2. I strongly feel that Vishal shekar and Ismail Darbar ji have done great job by training their singers well and these qualities should be seen in singers. Both Raja Hassan and Amanat look good on the stage too like genuine singers but Aneek just does not show this. His singing quality just does not gel at all. In my opinion Raja Hassan is the champion and Amanat the runner up.

  3. Raja Hassan is the best!

  4. The demand of these singers in the movie screen in furure years will determine whose voice is the best and whose voice can stand consistantly superior in the crowd. let’s not mud sling. This will degrade our moral value.

  5. Well, what I think is that both Raja and Amanat r very good singer, but Aneek was the winner coz of Himesh Reshamayian althogh he didn’t sing as good as they both were.
    When he knew that Aneek was not singing he used to say about love drama f
    Summi and Annek.

  6. Himesh u r very big irritating person!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amanat is good.but i like aneek for his performances.

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