Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 Winner!!!

A lot of people have been debating that Amanat should win –

I am not saying Amanat should not win but we must not forget Raja & Aneek have given innumerable memorable performances as well. All 3 of them are excellent singers. Being versatile is not the primary requirement of this contest. So what if Raja sings Sukhvinder or “Kailash Kher” genre of songs well, Aneek sings Sonu genre of songs well and Amanat sings ghazals or sentimental songs well. So what if Amanat sang “Tujhse Naraz Nahi” really well and made people cry. So what if Pt. Jasraj said that Amanat is a winner. So what if Aneek’s voice is childish. Raja & Aneek have been sparks of the day innumerous number of times and they have done wonders as well.

As long as you sing good and touch/win hearts of people – you are a winner. The one who achieves this most — should basically be a WINNER. Sukhvinder Singh, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sonu Nigam etc — they are all the best in their respective genre of music and we need another similar VOICE.

So let’s not be affected by one performance. This contest has been going since long. All 3 of them have sung enough number of songs. Please look at all the performances and decide who touch you the MOST!!!

May the best man WIN!!


~ by Rajeev on October 10, 2007.

62 Responses to “Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 Winner!!!”

  1. I think at this point as far as singing capabilities are concerned all the three, i.e Raja , Aneek and Amanat are the best found talents and are best in thier respective areas. All the three are winners. Any further polling results and eliminations henceforth is nothing but the popularity based selection/elimination and has nothing to do with their singing talent. So I think in genuinity SRGMP is over and Raja, Aneek and Amanat are the winners in general. Now its is an individual or personal view who wants to pick whom as winner.

  2. Raja is a Kawali singer, that is it.

  3. All three are winner and the best singers , there should not be any more no.1 or no.2.

  4. Poonam is the best female singer

  5. Hi!

    You are right. All the three have their own genre. However, I would go for Amanat as I get immense pleasure in listening to his songs over other’s. He is a trained singer while other two are not. That makes a lot of diff.

  6. Kya tu bhi baatan karraen tume logaan. Amant Potta achcha gara na, unaich jeetna dekho.

    teeno winner kaisa hote, winner toa ekich hai, sab ku maloom winner kaun hai

  7. ye gol gol baatan nakko karo. Amant achcha hai toa unaich achcha hai bolo, uskuich vote karna tume logaan

  8. Raja is favourate, but Aneek could also win. Amanat could shock eveyone and win the title from under the noses of all Hindustanti’s. In my views they are all great singers and have already open the door to there successful careers.

  9. Aise hi rahna… Poisonaaaan daaal lena pooora… pottiyaaan poori peechhe padd jaati phir…. hello how u do now u do…. ek aaaaaaal mix fruit juice peena….potiyaaan poori impress ho jaati phir… phir phoolna shuru ho jaaati…

  10. Hello guys, i just stoped by and saw some interesting conversastions here…..the saregamapa competetion is based on the idea to find a new or future playback singer and always the judges or the voters should follow who’s doing a good job as a future playback singer….doesn’t matter, what they are singing…..it has nothing to do with that someone make people cry and etc etc…..it’s all about who is doing the job in the way that it should be. And i thought and observed, Aneek was the best from that point of view and i just give you some instants about his quality: (1) he has got an original voice, which is only his own….doesn’t sound like other esablished singers in our industry; (2) he has an incredible sense of TEMPO whenever he performed; (3) he hardly was ever out of tune; (4) in every performance he was into it and always tried to make a good show rather than only singing; (5) the song from Om shanti Om was an incredible performance by him and ofcourse the song from the movie BORDER was another good step for him; (6)he is humble, dedicated to his singing, really worked hard everyday to show what he says himself: Kich Karke Dikhana chahta hun”…and he also said, i came to sing here and not for anything else! (7) good english accent whenever he sang something in english and being a bengali he really spoke very good hindi……so all this showed him up as a real professional playback singers and i’m sure Raja and Amanat will have also a brilliant carrier and i really loved their singing too! Aneek is not a hero like figure, but i must say, he’s adorable! Thank you guys for reading me and i appreciate this site where people can come and stop and leave some comments……it’s real cute! I wish you all the Best……….Arupkant

  11. I think you need to have two separate threads…for discussions…now.

    One about the singing, skills and greatness of all the three finalists…NO Doubts about that…

    The other thread should however discuss how Zee TV handled the whole thing. I have seen a tendency among many here to mix up these two issues while expressing their opinions…

    I think most Pakistanis loved Aneek’s and Raja’s voices as much as Amanat’s….. Reason? All of them enjoyed the show throughour for some wonderfull performances…they (in fact all the final 8) are great singers..

    But most of them also feel that there was ‘something’ unfair that happened at the end.

    I think we need to keep these two issues separate.

  12. i think that amanat should win becauz hes gt the best voice

  13. Aneek shoud have won and he did that is just great. I think Aneek was the best among all so i am happy with the outcome

  14. Raja who was leading all he way, Amanat before becoming the final 3 received highest votes a few times and so did Aneek. Now as soon as the final came there seemed to be a change in voting system. Now what does Raja and Amanat have in common that Aneek does not. I wonder if this is the reason for change of heart when it came to voting in the finals. If it was I am very disappointed because I was so proud of India and its people. I pray to God that I am wrong. Music is the only way to achieve peace and love in this world.

  15. Guys.. this is really saddening… we have started a campaign against the bias shown by the India voters…. express your opinion here.. and vote..


  16. Raja is one of best and best singer and he can singh each and every type songs. So Raja is the wenner Raja must win. IInd Aneek and after Amanat.
    This is Right dissition, I am in very upset mood on last sturday when was declired the winner name of Aneek. But Raja is suitable to win.

  17. amanat was the best .he deserve that .whenever he sang he touches ours heart

  18. well what i believe is that aneek should not be the winner , the winner shpuld be amanat!!!!!! i dont know what happened to the people of india ? amanat dont worry u may not be the winner of sa re ga ma pa but u r the winner for me!

  19. should

  20. hello
    by the way amanat or raja should win
    it’s not fare on the brillint singer

  21. aneek is a good singer also buy not as good as raja and amanat

  22. if it would be me than i would say amanat

  23. amanat should have won!!! and for the mod this singing contest is for the best SINGER not who is the most ‘entertaining’.Too bad that singing contest is left to choose your “fav” rather the the best singer!

  24. Aneek is a good singer but does not deserve to become the winner. I am sure Aneek would have also felt happy if the “Vishwa Vijeta” had been given to Amanat Ali. Amanat Ali is the best and Raja is equally good. We all have to feel good about our success and any conscientious person would always be ready to accept the defeat and feel great about a deserving person winning. Does Aneek feel good about his success? I doubt.

    HR is a joke and a politician. HR knows how to sway the votes by playing ugly games. The gentleness and genuineness of Vishal-Shekhar and Ismail Durbar just radiates over the whole show while the ego, artificiality, game playing and cheapness of HR is obvious. HR should read the blogs and read for himself how people are viewing him as a human being and a judge!! Pathetic. Unfit to be a judge. HR, Please grow before you become a judge and learn to listen. Do not grab the mike from speakers and it is impolite. People have become sick of listening to your crap. Learn some etiquettes.

    Amanat and Raja will have a fantastic future because of their voice quality and they are in genuine hands of Vishal-Shekar and Ismail Durbar. Time will tell. I am not against Aneek and all I am saying is that Aneek is definitely not the best as compared to Amanat and Raja.

  25. I am very sad that Amanat lost. I always admired and have become a die hard fan of Amanat. And I agree with the cheap tactics of HR. I was fed up of his crap and the way he used to appeal votes for Aneek. It was highly impolite. Now I just wish that Amanat and Raja have very bright future ahead.

  26. If your talking about a fair contest and just based on solely singing talent amanat should have win. Aneek and Raja have talent but any singer who can move people and have the desired affect such as songs like tujse naraz – is called a fantastic singer.

    Talent is by far the most important thing in a contest. But the show results were disappointing and Aneek should not have won. And the last day of the show was also disappointing, it should have been a singing day instead it turned out to be a 4 hr publicity stunt that lacked ingenuity,

  27. raja sucks Amanat rocks and its clear that indians hate pakistanis cause he came last in indian voting and first in international voting

  28. its totally racist decision. amanat is the best

  29. All the three finalists were really good and obviously when there is a contest there has to be one winner out of it but still i personally think that Amanat proved to be the best among the lot as he has been consistent with his performances and one point which was really important as it was raised by Neha Bhasin as well when she interviewd all the three before the final that most of the singers have been related to one legendary playbacks throughout the program but amanat was compared not to one but to many legendary playbacks which proves his versatility and his grip on his singing. The guy really had grip in his performances and if you amalgamate and analyze all the performances given throughout the show till the end i think amanat clearly displays a better overall singing ( including all factors related to be a good consistent singer ). As far as Himmesh Reshammiya is concerned i think he is the biggest looser of all time, one should never ever gamble with the careers of others just to win publicity, HR has always used the platform to promote himself and show that yeah he could win whatever he wants for his house and for that if he goes to a limit of being piece of trash thats simply disgusting. Genuine mentors in my opinion are those who always appreciate the singing of a contestant if he sang better and always provide with their best and comforting appreciations and those mentors include ismael darbar , vishal shehkar and rest , they always appreciated everyone who deserved to be appreciated and they are the true mentors while HR is a male shovonist and nothing else, in fact he is not even a good singer he always sings from his NOSE , he should thank to the hip hop beats which really hide his low ground singing skills and save the day for him.

    I have no grudge against ANEEK as he had a positive talent inside just like RAJA but personally on the basis of my analysis i thin AMANAT was better as a singer and always was versatile in his performances, and above all majority is authority and majority internationally voted for AMANAT as being the one but anyways.

    I personally hate HR and will hate him as long as he behaves to be a arrogant piece of shit. Legendary singers like Lata and ASHA, Kishore and RAfi are still respected because despite of being the best these people were down to earth and always appreciated everyone in positive manner.

  30. aoa
    i thought all the singers were brilliant much better than any singers in any other shows like indian idol and voice of india(which is one of the most pathetic and boring program pf indian tv).and i sincerely didnt expect a pakistani singer to reach the position amanat reached(not that he didnt deserve it) but i agree with most of amanat was a superior singer specifically when compared to aneek who was better as a showman while both raja and amanat were better singers

  31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAU8I0HQrfQ enjoy!~

  32. i am from fiji islands,watching sa re ga ma pa since it was initiated.i know there have been some wrong decisions made previously ie vinit/debojit where vinit was the actual winner.how ever 2007 all three singers were winners.for me amanat was superior in his singing than the other two butaneek and raja were very good.thats my opinion but the public were fair in their judgment and aneek deserved winning the challenge.

  33. No really it was soo clear every time in the voting all iv seen is that amanat came last in indian voting and first in international voting im not saying this to take his side couse im canadian soo it doest effect me with the country there from but its true

  34. dude arvin theres no arguing that amanat should have won maybe if werent so biased you would have thought different

  35. i feel silly arguing over this now since the show ended but how can people be so clueless even the mod here! God!!!!!

  36. i think raja is the best .i tell sa re ga ma pa result the 1st is raja , 2nd is amanat and 3rd is aneek

  37. no raja couldent come first any ways couse he was a wild card entery so basically he was the hole time i dont no y he came 2nd 1st was amanat 2nd was aneek and 3rd was raja

  38. whatever nyla raja isthe best

  39. no raja sucks

  40. tuna ne amanat no vote nehian kita see thohi kar ouw they man thoudy asi they thasi nakalan

  41. Sa re ga ma pa has a clear bias for Bengalis … I find this bias really unfortunate. Amaanat was clearly the best singer but being a Pakistani was discriminated against, and Raja was a close second – and yet they gave the first prize to Anik! Absurd.

    Stop watching this program …

  42. All the three are winners Raja, Amanat & Aneek but man Amanat is the best,I really like him from the core of my heart after he sings “Tujhse Naraz Nahin Zindgi” .He is really good at heart. I must say Amanat is the best.

  43. The result is over, and Aneek has been declared the winner. I have always liked his voice and his way of singing. I have been recording all episodes, and have listened to them over and over again. All three of them are very good singers, and have their own strengths but when we see the overall impact, I would give my personal top choice to Amanat, and Aneek, and Raja comes last amongst them. It is a very subjective, so It cannot be compared with others’ choices. I feel Amanat to be the best, and Aneek at par with him.

    I can only pray for all three of them, and of course for my most favourite Poonam, Mussarrat, and Sumedha. I will pray to God to give them a great career ahead so that they do so well in their lives that they never will have to look back. My Blessings will always be with these kids, I wish them to flourish and give us a great music in future so that we listen to their melodious voices for years to come. May they enthrall all of us with their sweet voices!

    May God Bless them.
    With lots of love to all of them.

    From : Sarbjit S. Bajwa (Canada)
    October 21, 2007

  44. I am Sooooooooooooooooooo glad that Aneek is the winner.
    But one thing I want to tell is that H R has done nothing wrong by doing his vote appeal for Aneek. Every guru wants his shishya to win. Do you think that Vishal Shekhar wanted Aneek to win ? Or Ismail wanted Raja to win ? ABSOLUTELY NO!

  45. hi i am very happy for all of them b’coz all these three singers are the best so i dont hav any problem with the winner.
    but the shocking news about raja that he is married. is it true or not i dont know but it shows on TV. on the show of star news. anyway raja i still love you and i love all the three participants.

  46. (Continued…………….)
    I am Sooooooooooooooooooo glad that Aneek is the winner.
    But one thing I want to tell is that H R has done nothing wrong by doing his vote appeal for Aneek. Every guru wants his shishya to win. Do you think that Vishal Shekhar wanted Aneek to win ? Or Ismail wanted Raja to win ? ABSOLUTELY NO! And moreover it is absolutely false that Aneek won due to HR’s vote appeals. He is a very hardworking guy. But one thing about which I am still confused is that whether Aneek’s love affair was with Mauli or Sumedha. Anyone reading my question please post your views. The option for “POST A COMMENT” is on the bottom of the page. So please help my confused brain.
    ————- Monalisa, Canada

  47. Its not good that Aneek hais been winner AMANAT must be winner his voice is too nice.Aap ko to winner chose nahin karne ata jab AMANAT ne tujh se naraz nahin zindagi gaya tha I love that episode phir mujhe paka ho gaya that AMANAT hi winner hai lkn khota Aneek ban gaya ye achi baat nahin hai har bar har show main jo bhi acha hota hai ya muslim hota hai use nikal dete hain or jo ganda hota hai woh hi winner hota hai

  48. Raja should win

  49. The voting pattern must change. Even Lataji said that the present pattern of voting could be biased,as one votes,keeping in mind the participant’s religion,regional affiliations etc.Many felt how can a Pakistani become the Voice of India?.
    The voting pattern should divide the voting scores as follows.
    2.Eminent Music Directors.
    3.Reputed Singers &
    4.Open voters.
    The ratio of points could be decided by the sponsors.If the above calculation is implemented,then all can be satisfied with the final result.

  50. the decision made me disappointed. it is unfair to hear that aneek overcame Raja and Amanat, where he deserve only third place among them.

    “Tujhse Naraz” is enough to bring Amanat at First. I agree with all publics and judges for thier comments. but this H R…………………… (?) he is thinking as an Indian Facist.

  51. I never voted for any of the singers… I would like to know how much mobile companies pay to Zee for such contests… anyway that is irrelevant I guess.

    I am glad to find that Aneek won. He is a really good singer and his performance had been onsistent throughout the show.

    Raja and Amanat are also good singers but Raja’s performance wasn’t always good and he had his good days as well as bad days. He was ousted from the show but brought back, got a lot of sympathy votes after that, – he is oldest of them all that is 26 year old that means Raja was 8 year older than Aneek. He was from a family of singers and music directer !! Raja’s grandfather was a royal singer…. He had been in Mumbai for sometime and performed in some shows. With this back ground I expected more consistency from him.

    Amanat is a really good singer but he was less versatile than Aneek. I may be wrong here because I am just speculating on the basis of my limited knowledge…..But I sometimes felt that despite being a really talented and good singer Amanat had the handicapt of being a Pakistani singer. But NOT in the sense that he got less vote because of that reason as many implied/claimed here before me.

    I mean , have anyone noticed it that almost all the singers we have heard from Pakistan are rather typed and tend to sing in a typical way… Amanat was far better than many of them but still not as versatile as many of the Indian music industry singers are; and it showed.

    For his credit Aneek, despite his own handicapt of having HR as his mentor, kept singing that well 😉

    Some people have said on this board that verstality is not important and singers should be good in their own genre- True- But only if you are competing in that genre. All three were good in their respective genre so verstality was the next criteria.

    In the end it comes down to personal choices ……

    I liked Musarrat better than Amanat many a times. And I liked Harpreet Better than Molly and Sumedha quite often and honestly I expected Molly to be voted out before him…..Last time I felt that Himani and I am forgetting the name of the south Indian boy….anyway they should have been in the finals and not the two who actually got there…..So to each his own….

  52. I forgot to add this in my previous post– My personl choice for three finalists this time was Aneek and Amant and Harpreet/Mussarrat. I felt sorry for Harpreet and Musarrat .I didn’t feel any sympathy with Molly(My bad I know).

    I was rather neutral For Raja . He was the oldest (Aneek 18 , Amanat 19 and Raja 26) of them all and experienced but couldn’t be consistent all the time . And he was given more than one chance out of the way to reach to the finals- Many others didn’t get. My personal peevs and my personal logic. Call me crazy I don’t care. Thats just the way I feel.

  53. What the hell were people thinking when they voted…or was it all just a drama?
    Why is it that every friggn reality show votes out a Muslim…in Saregama Pa 2005 they voted out Sharib waayy before he should have been voted out..then when saregama pa ek main aur ek tu Sharib was winning even until 1 hr before of declaring that other couple the winner…how can that other couple get so many votes in just one hr? then the Saregama pa little star…Sameer should have been a definite 2nd…but they went with the other kid…why?just cuz he was blind?i think it was supposed to be singing contest..anyway..and now Saregama pa 2007…Amanat was clearly the winner…he came on 3rd position…they decided to choose raja as a 2nd position cuz eventho he was Muslim he was still an Indian…now in Star Voice of India..they voted out Irfan who should still be in the last 3 or whatever..then they voted out Toshi AGAIN!!?!? I hope all of you can see the pattern…So much for REALITY show…why host shows when you cant be fair…if you just want your hindu ppl to win why include muslims in the shows in first place….just to break their hearts and dreams????

  54. Monalisa,
    I m fully agree with you.so,thank you very much for your coments.And support Aneek,

  55. I am better than all 3 any day but thats bcoz I am the best !!!!!

  56. AMANAT WAS THE BEST and no doubts about it.He is no match .He was above the contest.Great voice gret versatility at such a young age.

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  58. no coments

  59. lol

  60. i really love junaid shaikh

  61. i totally agree with tooba keeri above .point no 47

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