Amanat – Tujh se Naraz Nahi


~ by Rajeev on October 8, 2007.

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  1. this performance is better then the best, better then original, please vote for amanat. he should be winner…

  2. This is the best performance I have seen in the logest time.

  3. Amanat is the best that happened to the music industry. He is the winner no doubt. He deserves to win.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant….wonderful voice.

  5. Awesome Performance…. I’m damn sure it would be a tuff competition betwn him an Onik !!

  6. It was great song sang by a great singer. Amanat sang the song better than original.

  7. Amanat is a real gem in the music industry .. AWESOME Man

  8. He is singing with his heart.Excellant performance for a young man


  10. i think there will be a tough competetion between amanat and aneek. raja donot deserve to be the winner. also, someone should just tell himesh to just shut up. he doesnt know what he speaks.

  11. My favorite singer in SA RE GA MA PA was mussarat and I thought no one can sing better then him.. I guess I was dead wrong… I salute you…
    I know that lyrics of this song are very strong but it makes a difference only if a singer like you sings it…
    It is hard for me to admit that Amanat brought tears in my eyes. He is a powerful singer…

    Jiyo maray yaar… Amanat you are simply great.


  12. Long live Amant. Hope public will be honest to vote on merit basis and give Amanat his dues. Every on is answerable to Bhagwan.
    H. Reshmaya always wants his SHAGIRD to win and plays different tricks by stooping down to the loewst level. He is not an honest judge lie the other three.

  13. Amanat has been declared a winner by no other than Pandit Jasraj and Jagjeet singh Also see the reaction of the guests who attended the last show.
    HR is a pain in the …neck.

  14. It is sad that the public votes mostly on the regional & caste basis depriving the Best Singer.
    Amanath has been declared as the best by the Maestroe Pandit Jaisraj and World knownJagjit singh. Now you you are the best judge?
    HR always act in a partial way, also very cheaply. Not fit to b sitting on the judges panel.

  15. I think amanat is just awsome, none of the other two can match his quality of voice and singing. The last performance of amanat is just superb i hve no words to express, u want to listen to that song again and again, and Zee tv only showed its once , this is total discrimination, if zee tv wanted to do the fair and unpartial show they have to give equal footage to all the partiicipants and they shoul telecast the part of the last performance that they edited and we saw it on the net. T think every one should vot for talent

  16. hassAna aur nachAna sab bas mein hein.

  17. All Canadians are with Amanat. No doubt he is “The best singer”. At that young age he has full control on Notes .He made every one cry in his Oct.9th perfomance. Music lovers in India can’t ignore this great singer . Please Vote for him so that Justice should be done.

  18. Amanat has proved himself to be the best. It is shameful that ZeeTV has edited the best part of the show which was purely in the favour of Amanat. Zeetv was scared to show the edited part because it would have enhanced the publicity of Amanat. Why did they not edit the rubbish part played by H.Reshmaya taking girls on the stage and always behaving cheaply?
    I wish ZeeTV and the Indian public show their honesty and sincere efforts to bring the best talent to the surface. This way they will prove that Indians are honest and give unbiased vote.

  19. Reshmaya is an upstart has no calibre.
    Throughout Vishal and Shekar, have shown magnanimity, dignity and their comments have always been honest. Why ZeeTv runs after RH to be the judge?
    God save ZeeTv.

  20. Plz Upload The Song Tujh Se Naraz Nahi in Amanat Voice in mp3 Sofmat Plz……

  21. Allah amant to lambi zindagi ata farmiey agr indiaN AWAM NAY koi DANDLI NA KI TU iNSHALAH AMANT PAKISTAN AS WINNER AIEY GA OR WASEY BI HUM KO IS PER NAAZ HEI

  22. We should really thank zee tv for bringing such talented singers like amanat, Raja and Aneek . Amanat had sung Tujh Se Naraz better than the original. I think we all should be honest and vote for amanat.

  23. Oner of the best performace I have ever seen in my life you are a brilliant singer “Amanat”.

  24. If Amanat does not win then i think that the whole reality show is a big farce.I have never cried so much for any singer’s song than when amanat sings.He is a God given Natural singer,who sings straight from the heart.Plus he is extermely VERSATILE singer.As for Reshamiya he is a loud mouth and and loves bragging about Aneek,who has an thin immature voice due to his young age.I am an INDIAN i love india but i am fair.zee should also be fair .
    Mrs.Qamar Aalam Ali Khan

  25. From Start to finish Amanat Ali all the way.God bless Amanat,Tujh se koi naraaz nahi ho sakta hai amanat .Amanat is a Phenominal singer.Even if God forbid Zee is biased in selecting a Pakistani singer Amanat will Inshallah prove himself to the world.aalam

  26. Amanat has a voice which is going to be heard all over the world Inshallah,even if he does not make it in zee contest bcoz he is a pakistani and we are more often than not prejudiced against be quite honest.But talent should not be seen as countries .May Amanat WIN !ameen
    alam ali

  27. Amanat has touched the core of everyone heart, he is the winner. I hope Zee will be fair and make sure Amanat gets his fair vote.

  28. amanat is the greatest singer .he has the voice for all types of songsof today and tomorrow plus gazals and qawallis and pop .he is a dream come true ,Amanat u r a miracle.
    Even the great singers like Jagit Singh said Amanat u r the best.and Pandit ji said the same thing.

  29. I pray and pray for amanat .He sings with Divinity .amanat is going to be a world class singer one day,farrah feroz

  30. I pray that to GOD that amanat wins because no matter what un justice any one can do there is GOD above if it is his will that amant wins then no what ever HR or others say AMANAT will be the WINNER

  31. Everybody please vote for the best and that is AMANAT.

  32. We are proud to be Indians and often our Counrty has proved that it always support the truth irrespecive of relegion, caste, or nationality.
    One proof of it is the judgement of Pandit Jaisraj and Jagjeet Singhji, that out of all the three contestants, Amanat is the best. Hence be honest in voting. Bhagwan is not happy with him who is dishonest and dishoest face the consequences. Now its all upto you.

  33. Amanat your pronunciation isalso too good bcoz ur mother tongue is Urdu ,so that is a bonus point for u.I pray everyone votes for amanat .Anamanat plz plz win for us

  34. Pyare bete Amanat Khuda tum ko awwal number pe laaye.Tumhaari aawaaz khuda daad hai

  35. when u sing we all stop talking and stop breathing to hear ur every word.what a natural singer u r amanat

  36. tum se aachhaa kaun hai ?koi nahi koi nahi amanat tum sab se aachhe ho tum hi jeeto ge.

  37. Slaut to India and its people for being so kind and impartial to a fellow Pakistani. We are grateful. Amanat you made us all very proud.

  38. AMANAT, What a voice and quality of singing. Thereis no match. Keep it up
    you are the best God Bless you

  39. i think amant was great in this performance but i is also a truth that he will not become the camp becouse its realty that no pakistani win any contest in india it will be against the ruls and indian will not have the heart to accpet it

  40. Amanat !!! Good Luck to U 🙂

  41. If y’all Love him so much, it’s time to Vote for him!!

  42. Must say, this is better than the original.

    Hats off Amanat

  43. AMANAT is ithe best…really really he is above this comptetion..and he deserve the best…
    PLZ PLZ vOte for him…

  44. you are great & your voice is really sweet.God bless you.

  45. AMANAT is ithe best…really really he is above this comptetion

  46. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ do justice with amanat vote for him he really deserves he is the best no doubt he proof so many times and last time the song tujh say naraz nehi zindagi made him winner again .In canada everybody loves amanat plz plz plz vote for amanat ….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  48. I have seen ur performances and u r simply da best. Best of luck from my side. U have made us proud Amanat

  49. ammanat mujjay yaqen hay k aap win ho gay INSAHALLAH TALLAH my name is faisal from, faisal abad pakistan plz aap sab pakistani log male & female sab k sab AMANAT KO VOTE KARO (I MISS U AMANAT & I LOVE MY PAKISTAN & AMANAT

  50. amanat ali hats off to u

    u r superb i m hindu but being impartal i can say u are the real winner
    no matter aneek got more votes but i don’t believe in number game

    aap ne hame jo itni badiya preformance di hai bas use kayam rakhain
    aap duniya ki stage pe bahut aage jainge

    my wishes always with you
    rajeev sharma

  51. Amanat’s by his disposition is an innocent, so his voice. He is natural singer.
    Superbbb, marvelous & fantastic.
    He was deserved to be No. 01, I am disappointed by his getting 3rd position in the contest. However he was & is no. 01. This was all due to cunningness of Hamish Rashmia. He played a propogational role and in the result Aneeq got No. 01. Hamish should not be appointed as Judge. Even should not be called as guest in any programmes. As he speeks too much all rubbish. He speaks more than the Host/Anchor. He does not know himself what he is talking about. Talkative enought but not smart engough. Pleaes avoid him to call in any program.

  52. AMANAT……….u are the best………and the most versatile………………i used to hate watching reality singin shows……………….ur voise is so soulfull…………..uve amazed evry1………we want to keep hearing you……..u put in all ur efoorts in ur songs………..wats striking is that u are a very good human being………….so modest…… much humilty……… shows in ur singing…………….we love you AMANAT……………………………

  53. Amanat is the best singer than others…..
    he is real hero……

  54. ill pray 4 Amanat Ali’s compitition. i rlly dunno wdr he gona win or loose bt combination of his voice n this song touch ma hrt. his voice is sheltered in ma hrt 4m now. thnx4dis song Amanat.

  55. i m students

  56. Dear Ananat….your last performance was outstanding….earlier I used to favor Aneek …but listening to your last song in Sa…I had to vote you….I was stunned…good work keep it up….I sincerely wished you could win the competition, no problem you have proved to the world that you are the best. There are numerous well wishers from India and abroad wishing you luck in your bright future waiting for you…


  58. Well I liked it very well, but sorry to say that the decision taken was really biased.

  59. Hi amanat,
    The world says u should have won the competition but i say u should have even been in the competition, aare yaar you are so good we are just waiting for your album. U have already won . Best of luck the best singer of industry . you are all our favourite. love you

  60. One of the best performances of all time. People say that one should compare all the performances by all three finalists but i would say that one should just compare this one performance by AMANAT with all the performances given by ANEEK and RAAJA and still AMANAT’s performance would be hundred times better. He sang better then the original , he sang it with the CORE of his heart with the ONENESS of his mind and with such a zest that everyone gave a standing elevation and the evening was turned to an emotional closure by AMANAT. You guys should have seen the face of HR who was like thinking probably OH shit he will win the contest now what about my popularity and publicity but he was over-looking one factor that AMANAT no doubt being the best was a PAKISTANI first and was performing in an INDIAN show so how could the situation have helped. I will bet here and will say with full 100% confidence that if AMANAT would have had been from INDIA he would have had won the show, but i am proud of AMANAT that he faced all the bullshit with courage and proved that PAKISTAN can also full of musical talent just like INDIA. Amanat should be proud of the fact that the whole world recognize him as the best in the show and no doubt he was # 1 and will remain #1. HR was never ever a good singer and will never ever be a good singer in the future as well , he sang from his nose and he will sing in the future as well from his NOSE he just manages to save his below the grade singing skills with his hippy and loud musical beats. He tortured AMANAT with his scandalous remarks through out the show but all in vain he was not able to shake AMANATS performances which were to the CORE solid as ever. I wish AMANAT with all the best and i am sure that this LAD has a real bright future but i would advice him not to sing even a single song in a movie whose music is given by HR. I salute ISmael Darbar and vishal Shekar for there sincere judgement, i have always loved ismael darbar for his genuine and comforting remarks, these are the TRUE mentors solid to the definition as they polish the talents of the individuals and take them to the next level of excellence. HR should be eliminated from judging any future show on ZEE TV.


  61. Amanat no doubt you are the gr8.Decision was completly biased.
    I just hate HR bcoz he favoured Aneek only.

  62. I am didn’t imperesed from the any voice but AMANAT imperesed me.
    I wish that he relised his album very soon. thanks

  63. LAJAWAB!

    Better then the original, undoubtedly!

  64. Really a touching song, amanat made me cry

  65. jio amanatt
    jiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooby sajid ur brother
    best performance

  66. jio amanat jio,
    u r the best.
    not only in singing….
    also in attitude.

    God bless u.
    Lots of love from India.

  67. Amanat ka ye gaana agar na suno toa zindagi par ek kharz rahega…

  68. jio mere jaan very guddddddddddddddddddd

  69. amanat s best maine kabhi aisi dard bhari awaaz nahi suni yes ur hero

  70. Amanat u are the best. God bless you.

  71. it’s all over amant had lost and that pig’s (himesh) shagird had won with an immature voice. that is the biggest injustice ever happened with amanat. god bless Amanat he is the world best.

  72. Amanat Ali ur one of the best best and best singer of Pakistan and iam proude of to be Pakistani.Thanks

    Syed Naeem Shahzad
    IT Manager
    Suzuki Faisalabad Motors

  73. Please provide the link to download the amanath songs Tujz se Naraz Nahee

  74. u r very gud singer

  75. Amanat , really u r a great singer .ur song tujhse naraj is the best song in sa re ga ma pa.

  76. amanat has done a great job, haattssoofff

  77. Amanat no doubt you are the gr8.Decision was completly biased.

  78. Amant you a brillient Champe you deserve the victory.Marvoeouse singing ………………………

  79. Amanat u r best singer of 2007 all the best from my full famaily

  80. hi man alam

  81. amanat ur the best pakistani singer i ever heard.plz do some concets in faisalabad. u will be more popular. inshaallah,bye

  82. Amanat u r Great yaar i love ur voice but specially this song ” Tujh say Naraz nahe zindagi” u sung better then the origional 1 …. i luv it we all pakistani r proud… coz u r Paki n u prove dat u can i mean Paki can do & win every thing n Zile Fatima nay sahi kaha Fsb.. main Concert karo but plz mujhay Free Bulana just mail me “” ya sms me 0345-8248853…

  83. hi amanat
    i like ur voice & i love ur song sa re ga ma pa ke last show ko dekh kar mera mud itna off hua ki mere papa or mom koi bhi mujhe mana na paya mene apko lag bhag 150 massage bheje thee. I love ur mitwa song which u sang on the first day

  84. im really frustrated of the results of of the show, and became shame of our indian regional partiality. Amanat u r the real amanat of God, u made us love the music without any differenciation. the god created u as a divine a divine messenger of peace and love thru the people, in our mind u r the winner. u wil reach at the horizon but we pray that ur innocence wil never lose.

  85. amanath u r great singer

  86. Amanat u r fantastic.fabulas. inshort u r and ur this performance is word less. but Indian people show there cheapness. amanat is no.1 in alll over the world but Zee tv played a cheap role…..oooooohhhhh.

  87. Amanat u r so nice and u r best singar thanks 4r all time ur songs
    ur vice very execlent i m fine ur big andbigggggggggggggggg
    i m pakistani . i m proud to Amanat and pakistani this singer is top of peak

  88. sqsretgregrtg

  89. Amanat you are the best.
    You are the greatest singer in all time .
    You has the voice for all types of songs in the world of today and tomorrow plus gazals and qawallis and pop .
    You are a dream come true ,Amanat u r a miracle.
    Even the great singers like Jagit Singh said Amanat u r the best.
    And Pandit ji said the same thing.

  90. Amanat is the best… unbeatable singer……….

  91. i need mp3 format of this song send if any of u have on

  92. zabardast

  93. please upload mp3 of Tumse Naraz nahi zindagi By Amanat Ali

    if anybody hav it please mail me at

  94. sdf

  95. hi i like your saa ra ga ma pa so plz once again start the progrme plz

  96. please tell me how can i lod this songs from ur site please tel me ok

  97. we love u amanat make Pakistan proud..

  98. Amanat, has lost as anticipated on votes, but has undoubtedly won the hearts of also those who did not vote for him,due to reasons best known to them.Those who heard him that night,especially the celeberaties,like Mr.Gulzar’s ( Who wrote the song)daughter & producer Sanjay Gupta,joined the chorus in asking him to sing three times! which artist, may I ask was given such an honour.For Amanth Sar E Gamapa stage is too small,The world’s large stage is open to him.Long live Art.

  99. hi amant

  100. I never seen such a performance in my whole life, Its really touches every ones heart the way Amanat performed. He is really amanat for indian music wat Jagjit Singh told… Awesome , mind blowing….

  101. hello” amanat how are you. i m very proud on amanat . he is a very good singar.his voice is so sweet

  102. hello’amanat how are u. i m doing a bussiness of girls. and i want to send you a beautiful girl . i hope u like it .

  103. wow man im speechless ..he has an awesome voice ..and he sung the song very nicely best of all…God bless u..

  104. Amanat i like u & ur voice veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much . It is realy nice & hot.

  105. i like amant ali song tujse naraj nahi jindgi heran hun mein,
    So i request to you for song send me its urjent plsssssssss……

  106. U r simply the best….i admire u from now on. Amanat Ali fly with many colours

  107. i like ur voice u r really super wounderful plz work hard bcoz u can do it.

  108. u r reall cute and ur voice is wounderful.i like ur voice.u r the star of my eyes,ur voice is so so so so good plz do it and work hard,

  109. Amanat jaisa singer ab kabhi life main nahi aye ga …………..

  110. he iz mind blowing singer,his voice has an amazing quality whicw iz a beautiful gift for amant from blz reply me how ican i download”tuj sy naraz nhi” i try but not do

  111. ur voice is very nice and ultimate………realy

  112. jhakash………………. bole to ultimate bindasssssssssssssssssssss

  113. ohhh this is too bad

  114. amanut ur rocking

  115. this songs is very good

  116. i luve u man.u r number 1.jiyoooo Gog bless u

  117. yar tum nay tu rula diya

  118. a.o.a n hy
    today i heard ur song on geo it was awsum, i really loved that..ur voice is just marvellous..May ALMIGHTY bless u wid lot more of luck 4 ur album..waiting impatiently 4 dat..words r not enough to praise yet i gave my bye..AH

  119. dsadsa

  120. hi amanat,
    how are you?


  122. Amanat Bhai has no comparison……
    He is just Amazing, Amazing Amanat!!

    He is one of the role models of my life!! yeah i would certainly like to be like him.. undoubtedly he is a a good human bu heart and nature!!

    Love you Amanat Bhai! ♥♥

  123. i want to download his song tujh say naraz nahi zindagi it is not given on this page how can i download it tell me

  124. i am ur fane amanat plz upload songs of amanat

  125. my name is kashif & i want to see u again on tv with your own song

  126. this is the mot fabolous performance i hd ever seen, brillian, amanat bhai u r absolutely brilliant

  127. this performance is fabolous ,awsum,i had ever seen,specialy the song Tumse Naraz nahi zindagi.gud luck.bye take care .hope to see you soon on the stage,little poem for you.
    please read in urdu.
    **sawal paani ka nehi peyaas ka hai,
    ** sawal mote(deth)ka nehi saans ka hai,
    **singer to duniyaan main bohat hain maghar
    **sawaal singer ka nehi dard bari awaaz ka hai.
    hope u like it .thanks for reading

  128. outstanding verstile awsme … ammanat rocks … god bless him ..

  129. very touchi very emotional very good

  130. Aamanat is my country fellow but this the best performance thats a good it.

  131. zard patto key siwa kuch na merey pass aya
    mai ney angan mai kayi pairr uga kar dekhey

    amanat yar aap ka gana sun kar lagta tha k kisi bhi insan k emotion change nahi hotey bus nazriat badal jatey hain roohparwar song tha jis ney kayi logo ko tazgi di thanx for that.


  133. i relay likethe voice of amanat and its true he is best of them all but how he lose the contest

  134. Asalam alikum
    Ammant u have definitly done the great work and absoultly an amazing and truemendous performance.U r no doubt the pride of our nation and u have proved through ur music that u r the embassader of love and peace from Pakistan
    God Bless u and may u succeeded more and more

  135. amanat ali i really love ur singing and this was the best and the worst saregamapa till date.. best because of u and raja and mussarat and worst because of the results… but i have no regretion because the world has already seen ur talent!!!

  136. amant wish i could create a website for you my brother…you rock….

  137. superb amanat!

  138. May God bless you, Amanat!
    You touched my soul.

  139. Amanat You just touch the soul of every person in india and pakistan ,inshallah and u will bee big star of future .plz send me ur song at my id
    speacilly TUJ SAY NARAZ

  140. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood jo bamanat

  141. Hello Amanat,
    Actually there is an immence power in music that is placed in the nature and is a beautiful part of it. And it is we human beings who work to creat beautiful lyrics and tunes out of it.
    But if we add beautiful words in shape of poetry along with the music it becomes even stronger power….but the most important ingredient left behind is a melodious voice which you have ….and i really love the way you sing ….So the case with you is that, a beautiful composition of music and beautiful words and your beautiful voice together creat such a sentimental atmosphere that we all become emotional plus energetic….really!!…..You are a great singer and i would always wish for you to be a powerful strength for the people around the world…to invoke their emotions for betterment of humanity…just be the way you are.
    Thank you for everything.
    I want to mention and appreciate you for the song that you sung.(Tujh Say Naraz Nahin Zindagi Heraan Hoon Main) I just love this song and the way you sang it…WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!……………Thank you very much for that.
    And yes…i read somewhere that your winning to such a level proves that the people in India are not biased people….and the platform they have created ….they are using it with all fair means to really bring up the true talent to world’s eyes…..I REALLY APPRECIATE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART ALL THOSE WHO ARE INVOLEVED IN MAKING THIS SHOW AND THE JUDGES AND THE VOTERS AND THE AUDIENCE AND ALL THE INDIANS FOR THE WELL JOB DONE.
    I also appreciate all the people around the world who are fans of Amanat because it is the beauty of their heart and mind too which is able to recognize the talent in Amanat and voted for him….also those who could not vote for him …but i know they love Amanat deep down in their hearts…..and i am one of them…for the wonderful job he has done.
    Thank you Amanat once again for everything.
    Madhu Nawab
    (I really wish you would read what i have contributed to the sea of comments from all around the world.)

  142. all were excellent but amanat was more noticable with his voice

  143. amanat you are great singer of 2008…………….99…..and…and your voice always tuch to the people , tumyin nuzar na lugy…wish you best of luck, winner of saa ryy gaa ma paa

  144. Hey Amanat you rocked with Tujh Se Naraz.. Great voice…

  145. Hi Amanat , your wonderfull voice, mai fannha ho gya hun tumahri voice per

  146. u r the best AMANAT…REALLY

  147. chootiye achay ganay bunaya ker

  148. u realy hot

  149. amanat great song

  150. ossaum. no comperision a amanat. is rising super star in field of singing. i totally stunt to her tis song. i was unable to move frm my place 4 half hr. water was ncomng out frm my eyes.all memories started . i listen this song 20 times each day after tat perfomance of amant ali. i have no worde to thanks 4 such a wonderbful song ikn his own voice. he is really ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* l;of wle world

  151. when i lesson this song i relaise this it is better song a sing by amanat.and i will never forgot this song in my life.congratulations amanat.

  152. thatzzz was the most awesome performance by him…..
    i think that amanat sung more beautiful then itzz original song…
    very nice……

  153. amant is very good. i like him very much.he will must obtained his goal

  154. ali u real sing this song from my heart and a real cry to see and listen this b/c u actual pay all the farz of this live and also this song …..
    thanks………a lot gog will always bless u i always pray for u

  155. wow what a nice voice and what a nice song sung by Amana.. really a very sweet voice..

  156. very sweet voice God Bless you

  157. kunsang said,

    It is the wonderful i have ever seen. Your song and voice. Your are the best best best singer i love u.I like u very much.God bless you .

  158. Priya said,

    You are not only good in singer or voice also you are cute too. i love u

  159. Diki said,

    you are wonderful singer and your voice are amazing. Can you write one emotional song for me to sang for salman. i love salman khan.i am crazy about him. He is very smart and you are cute too ok. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  160. AMANT IS BEST…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  161. hi

  162. Amanat,
    I am from Anik’s city in India BUT I voted for u.

    Amanat is the Best. What a performance, Brilliant.

    U should hv won but u r stil the REAL WINNER.

    All the BEST to U.

    Bye 🙂

  163. plz tell me link of “Amanat Ali Tuj say Naraz nahi Zindagi” in mp3.plz

  164. very nice voice

  165. goooooooodsssssssssssss and very nice voice Amanat ali

  166. he is cool guy of my city with exceptional voice

  167. Amanat Bhai u’ve done execllent..
    Zidgi main 1st time kisi ko aisa bole raha hoon..
    Insha Allah ap kamiyabi ki Akhri STAIRE tak b jao gy…
    Keep it up..
    Remember me in ur prayers.

  168. AMMMMMMMANNNNNNNNNAT ur the best but me just want this ????????????????????????????????????? how to download this songg????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  169. ur r the BEST.

  170. forever singer i love his singing

  171. Buhaaaaaaaaaaaaaat zabardast AMANAT bahi, main ap ka tareef karny k kabil nahi hoon, ap ne jo pakistan ka naam roshan kiya hian, Pory Pakistan ko ap par fakhar hain, Mian pory PAKISTAN ki taraf se ap ko Piyar bara salam our Aik Jadooo Ki Chappiiiiiii, buhat moives deky hain buhat songs sony hain, par pehly bhar mujey kisi ne rulaya hain, we love you AMANAT, our dua karta hon k ALLAH ap ko our kamyabi day, Ap our be our be oue be Pakistan ka naam roshan karoo, Apna khayal rakkna,
    Aman From Peshawar

  172. I love to worship to GOD more then ever.. since I heard ur songs ..I am in USA .. Good Luck.

  173. excelant Amanat my vote is for you. app ki awaz main boht dard hy god app ko aur taraki dy aur app is sy be zada perfam karain . god bless you.

  174. This is the best performance I have seen in the logest time.

  175. Amant is great singer im sure he’ll win

  176. amant is the best he desrve to win tat hes # 1

    ur the best amant

  177. It was great song sang by a great singer. Amanat sang the song better than original.

  178. hello

  179. how can i download this song.

  180. پوجا مدان مجه اچهي لگتي هين مين اماانت رکارد کرتا هون امانت دراما سي گانا مجه بنايا

  181. مون کي پوجا مدان پسند اداڪارا آهي مون کي امانت درامون وڻيندو آهي مان پنهنجي رکارڊ رکيو آهي پوجا مدان جي دوستي ڪندم پوجا مدان ڪاٿي آهي مون کي امانت درامون جو گاڻو موڪلو

  182. yaar amanat is theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee best, i really dont have words to
    express how good he is………………

    but mujhe amanat ki awaz main ye song chahiye kahin bhio nhn mil akahan hai ye song.plz send me any link.

  183. salam o alaikum amanat bhai kaisay hain ap meri dua hai k ap insha ALLAH bohat popular hon gay ALLAH ap ko kamyab karay ameen from ikram and ramzan

  184. salam o alaikum amanat bhai kaisay hain ap meri dua hai k ap insha ALLAH bohat popular hon gay ALLAH ap ko kamyab karay ameen ap pakistan aao to plz mujhay zaroor milna kion k ap bohat achay hain or achay insan say milna mujhay bohat acha lagta hai mera yahoo i d hai ravian125plz mujhay jawab zaroor daina ap ka acha chahnay walay ikram & ramzan mera number hai 0333 2435493

  185. yaar amanat is theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee best, i really dont have words to
    express how good he is………………

    but mujhe amanat ki awaz main ye song chahiye kahin bhio nhn mil akahan hai ye song.plz send me any link.

  186. o amanat kaisa hai to main tujh ko yaad karta hoon to inda ja k bhool gaya hai main tujh mko nahi bhool sakta meray 20000 rupay day ja yaar main sab k samnay kehna nahi chahta tha magar to nay mujhay majboor kia hai na to call karta na milnay aata hai 20000 day day mujhay or kuch nahi chahye marnay tak main teray 20000 ka intzar karoon ga 2 ya 3 hazar hotay to koi baat nahi thi magar 20 hazar bohat rakam hoti hai mujhay call karni hoto mera number hai 0322 8094902

  187. i love this i love ur voice too good

  188. very interesting, voice a very good song to be sang and i dont have words to praise u and ur strengh it will never if i do say something it will never be writin from england and i watch the show u sang in.

    tumhari awaaz ka jhwaab nahi leiken mein keh sakti hu woh laajawaab bhi hai.jisn ek baar suna woh soon te hi rehge.

  189. …x ur voice is very gud very lovely i loved itwatched ur show interesting….x
    …x i want to record ur voice and hear it forever keep it like a treasure……x

  190. plz give me this song, tujse naraz nhi zingdi se…, sent to this ID, i waiting yu r mail.

  191. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv gooooooood tumhari awaaz ka jhwaab nahi leiken mein keh sakti hu woh laajawaab bhi hai.jisn ek baar suna woh soon te hi rehge.

    mujhe amanat ki awaz main ye song chahiye kahin bhio nhn mil akahan hai ye song.plz send me any link.ya sind my id

  192. Assalam O Alaikum

    Meri dua hey k agar aap ki awaz Naat e Nabi (SAW) owr Quran Pak ki talawat main istemal ho to kia hi baat hey. kiun Allah ney jo zaban ka behtreen tohfa dia us ka istemal bhi behter hi ho.

  193. Amanat, that was a really really best performance….u r such a gr8 singer…i really proud of u…take care

  194. yaar kiya awaz hai is song ki wajhe se tumhari jitni b tarif ki jay wo kuch hai ye song to esa hai jis ki tarif k liye koi alfaz nahi hai mere lehaz se bohot bohot bohot behtariin wah wah wah jeo khush raho tum jese nojawan hi pakistan ka naam roshan karo gay khush raho

  195. very nice song i like soooooooooooooooo much

  196. He is the winner, this is really an unbeatable voice, god bless u,,,,,,

  197. HI
    Really amanat isA good Singer
    I like him very much
    Ihope he will be succesefull

  198. i love u amanat bhaiya u voice is best of the best in a whole world i love u so much…………………..

  199. Very Very Nice Song I Look It Again & Again In Lonly.
    I Hope Will Be Succesefull.

  200. Amanat is a vry Good singer,aftr sometime he will become a great singer.

  201. Amanat is a very Good singer AND inteligent,”ALLAH” gave him a lot of successs (AaMEEN)

  202. This is the best song ever ALLAH always bless u my frind.u r d best

  203. My dear frind u meke me to becom a fan of u by this song ALLAH ALWAYS BLESS u

  204. amanat ali is a very nice singer in the music industry.

  205. amanat ali is a great singer in music industry after mohd rafi.

  206. he sing with heart i like him

  207. this songs is so sweet and this songs is very lover songs

  208. Mindblwng, its a uniq


  210. Amanat u r the best singer wow magic in ur voice great great performce


  212. hi amanat em mari9am…………….em big fan of urs

  213. Amanat very good yaar…!!! Teri aawaz aur song ye dono mere dil ko chui ! Amanat tumari aawaz bhohot aachi hai ! Tum mere SA RE GA MA ke sabse favorite singar hai main aaj bhi sabse jada song tumhare sunta hu !


  215. youtube gospel music…

    Amanat – Tujh se Naraz Nahi « Twist & Shout…

  216. khanqulab@yahoo,con

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    […]Amanat – Tujh se Naraz Nahi « Twist & Shout[…]…

  218. Awesome

  219. very nice song

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    […]Amanat – Tujh se Naraz Nahi « Twist & Shout[…]…

  221. amanat tera awaz allah ka amanat hay achey kamon me istimal karo jo akhrat me teraey kam aey dunya ki chand logon me shorat hasil karey ki akhrat ki hojum ka fikir karo

  222. Heart tuching…
    Amanat is best singer ..

    I like it
    This voice

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