5th Oct Episode Spoiler – Raja is no. 1!!!

  • This week’s rankings:
    1. Raja (Leading by 2,00,000 votes)
    2. Amanat (Leading by 3,000 votes)
    3. Aneek
  • Chief Guest for Friday – Cast of Dus Kahaniyaan with director Sanjay Gupta
  • Raja’s songs:
    • Saki saki (Musafir)
    • Kya mein zinda hoon (Zinda)
    • Cash Title Song
  • Aneek’s songs:
    • Ek Yaar Mangyasi Kedi Mai Khudai Mang Lei (Kaante)
    • Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (RHTDM)
    • Zindagi Mein Kabhi Koi Aaye Na Rabba (Musafir)
  • Amanat moved everyone on the sets of Saregamapa to tears on this Monday when he sang Tujhse Naraz Nahi Hai Zindagai (Masoom).. He was asked to sing it not 1, not 2 but 4 times.. The moment he finished the song all the mentors, guests (Dus Kahaniyan cast and director), audience and the crew on the sets were in tears.. Amanat was asked to repeat the song three more times.. On hearing his soulful performance, he was given many offers during the shoot.. Seems like it was Amanat’s day! (Way to go Amanat!)
    • Tujhse Naraz Nahi Hai Zindagi. (Masoom)
    • Socha Nahi Tha Taqdeer (Kannte)
    • Kya se Kya hone Laga (Dum)

~ by Rajeev on October 2, 2007.

116 Responses to “5th Oct Episode Spoiler – Raja is no. 1!!!”

  1. Dear Mentors,
    All singers deserve to win this competition.Please,
    keep Amanat Ali out of this.
    He is way beyond this Competition.Put him
    in the catagory of Mohammad Rafisaheb.
    the telent he has is beyond one’s imagination.
    From day 1 I heard him, I knew,he is ‘Kohinoor ka heera’.Ask Pandit Jasrajji and Jagjitji about this telented young man.Vishalji,Shekharji
    will agree with me.He has been one steady performer from day 1.No goofing around and stick to his goal.Ismaelji,Aapne heera choona hai aur tarash ke’KOHINOOR’banaya hai.Uski ijjat bacha lo.I have faith in India {MY COUNTRY PEOPLE}population’s judgement.Do not choose anyone on Where He or She comes from.
    Like late Mr. john Lennon said’You may say I’m
    a dreamer’Music has no border. It is time to proove it!

  2. Believe me. They would never let Amanat Win although he is far better than other two. He has \”his own voice\” and sounds so good when he sings any song. They should have a round where All three singers should sing the same song and then \”pata chal jaye ga\”.

    Beside, Zee production team and HR, Ismael Darbar is equally responsible for ignoring Amanat (He is at HR mercy currently and therefore won\’t let Amanat win)

    Someone should send a legal notice to Zee to treat Amanat equally and to give him equal air time.

    I can\’t believe on listeners who think Raja is best. He did not even sing Chayyan Chayyan better and his sur were all over. He can be good for concerts as there are so many others are.

    Can Raja sing songs of Mukesh, Rafi, Manna Day (we already saw how he screwed up his song), Sehgal, Sonu, Udit or Kumar Sanu.. He is just a hype

    Aneek is just \”sweeeeeeeeet voice\” and nothing else. He does not even have manly voice.

    At the end, They would just let Amanat number 2 to show the world. Forget the time, when his father won the top prize in 1999 because Sonu was hosting the show and this program was really a talen hunt show but now it\’s all about public voting who know nothing about music and grade singers based on their dances on stage which is meant to be for a playback singer.

    I say it again, bring Lata and Udit today in this competition and they\’ll be out in 4 programs because, they can\’t dance, physically perform and have no attraction

    Do you know that Zee is ban in pak and therefore Amanat can\’t win so his only choice is gulf, europe and north american votes

    This program can still be successful if Zee bring only judges to interact with public voting to decide the finale winner. this can be faily interesting and then HR (who may have been playing gambling outside) can be put in corner.

  3. I agree, Amanat is the best. Himesh is playing politics, he is so cheap, jealous, immature, unprofessional, hyped, untalented, useless person. He will ruin career of Aneek also. Amanat is no. 1 and Poonam is no. 2.

  4. I can say that, amanat is the best and will win the compitation. Dont say that he wont win…..u never know ….kab bazi plat jaiye ..kal kisne dehka hai………

  5. Well who knows…zee kept mauli until they needed her and threw her out after her one of best performances ever. So they will never let Amanat win this contest, besides that Indian Audience is voting more for the indian contestants than others. You guys saw the last episode with Pandit Jasrajji and Jagjitji. Amanat had the least votes, even though Poonam was the worst of the previous evening.

  6. Amanat I am an Indian and very patriotic too but I just want to say that you stand out from the rest and I think you are the best. Way above the rest of the participants. I also thot Sumedha and Poonam were very good but since they are not in the race anymore, I would just like to wish you the very best and for me personally you are a winner. God Bless you and I will pray that you win.

  7. RAJA has unique voice
    amanat doesnt sing by heart………
    he is too boring just stand on stage thats it
    no expression
    can he sin high notes song??????????
    obviusly not!

  8. I would TOTALLY have to disagree with ng! Amanat sings with his HEART AND SOUL! Plus he is in tune unlike some other contestant. I agree that you to sing with all your heart BUT in a tune or less the message of your “heart” doesn’t really get out.

  9. I’d request all writers in this forum not to communalize or regionalize their comments implicitly or explicitly – that could hurt their own contestant as polarization of votes is not what we need at this stage. India is a Great country with Great traditions, it’s open, liberal and secular minded and this has reflected in all voting so far. Let’s not care about the few biased voters – they would not be able to influence the outcome.

  10. I am not Indian but I know, Indians, as nation respect the talent regardless of any religeous or geographic differences. 5-10 % biased people are everywhere in the world. Check the Bollywood history, you will realize it. I do not blame Zee. They are doing what they need to do in today’s commercial world. I admire Vishal and Shehker who from the day one showing vey professional attitude. Aditya! you are doing fantastic. (great son of great father), I do not know why Hemesh is so over spoken and hijacks/spoils your show. Now I come to the singers. Amanat is consistantly singing superb. He sings from his soul.No match with Raja or Aneek. Raja is singing good but he is a type singer. Aneek! work hard.In couple of years Bollywood will have you as a leading singer but not now.

  11. How can there be any doubt that Amanat is the ‘Best’? Just look at his range, his flexibility: definitely the best singer we have had in years.

    He has had my vote for months now.

  12. Amanat,

    You are simply wonderful. When you sing, it is like I’ve never heard music before. Whether you win or not is besides the question as politics are politics, you have a talent that has surpassed all on the show. May you continue to be ever so successful. Our du’as are with you.

  13. Please let the King of singers win and definitely it is Amanat Ali. No bias ask any music GURU and he will tell you the same. Take my word for it, very soon he will rule INDO_PAK music world. Good luck and God Bless, Keep up the Hard work, AMANAT.

  14. You are simply mindblowing, funtastic (even speechless). When you sing, it is like I’ve never heard music before. Whether you win or not is besides the question as politics are politics, you have a talent that has surpassed all on the show. May you continue to be ever so successful. Our du’as are with you.

  15. Dear Amanat,

    Don’t think who is gonna win, but you’ll,ve to do it best.

    No doubt you are the best.

  16. amant you are the best your voice is so good so you dont wory you win or not every sigle indian and pakistsni agree with me all the best

  17. amanat mein ek pakistani hun isliye nahin ke mein pakistani hun aur tumhare liye vote karahin hun lekin is liye ke tum humare pakistan ke liye kuch kar rahe ho i wish u all the best and keep it up meri duaein tumhare saat hain aur allah tumhein salamat rakhe inshallah 🙂

  18. aur haan jo tumhare liye baduaein karte hain yaa kehte hain ke tumm chalejao woh to allah ko pata hain age wo jane aur tum keep it up 🙂

  19. I am not a music expert, and initially I did not think much of you but, after I heard you sing Gulzar Sahib’s Pareshan Hun Main song I must say you are
    as they say way above this competition. Regardless of the result you are the
    champian. Keep it up. May God! bless you.

  20. amanat is the best..full stop….nothing more needs to be said

  21. Can some one pls upload the Videos of the Oct 6 episodes when Amanat sang “Tujhse Naraz Nahin”

  22. Amanat has performed in all different Joners, and has proved himself as true champ, if i got to choose first 2 contestants, i will choose onik as 2nd, Amanat sings in his natural style and accent, he is a s innocent as a true singer should be, he caries all the feel and imotions one need to become legendary. He is truely best singer i have heared ever form Pakistan.

  23. Hi, just to say that every1 has their own opinion, I think Amanat Ali is FAB, you dont need good looks or style to be a good singer. I feel others have concentrated too much on their appearance than their singing, that is why Amanat stands out. HIMESH needs to STOP prasing Aneek and start appreciating others. Ismail gee, is also very good, but for some reason digs in at Amanat even though he has been the best singer few weeks. GET A LIFE AND APPRECIATE THIS MAN COS HE IS GOOD!!! After all Sa re ga ma is a SINGING COMPETITION, not a fashion show OR A PLACE TO PROMOTE ANEEKS LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!

  24. Vishal & Shekar great men with a great attitude, have been the fairest and most honest throughout this competition!!!

  25. Amanat Bhai,
    You are the best. You are the only singer in Saregama who have ever bought tears in my eyes…Way to go. You will definetly win!!!!!!

  26. amanat bhai ….
    i have left from ages to cry for anebody… anebody mean anebody…. even sum 1 v close to me….. but yaar tere ek gane ne TUJHSE NARAAZ NAHI ZINDAGI mujhe hila diya ….matalb mudat baad kisi ne jee bar k rulaya …. qasam amanat teri awaz main dard hai jo diloon ko cheer deta hai…………….

  27. Amanat is a soul-full singer with a voice which will take him to the top, if only the folks,( even ismail- his teacher) would stop messing with him. Its obvious too viewers (I am in USA) that some heavy politics are taking place at the show.

    After last week’s performance, it was obvious that Amanat was being isolated, when the others were singing the song “meter down.”

    Amanat is a diamond amongst them. I would buy his album anyday, as long as he didn’t sell out and sing “stupid” “noisy” songs.
    I would love to have him and Sumedha cut an album. I bethcha it would sell like hot cakes, maybe along with Sonu Nigham.

    One can listen to Amanat for hours, just like M. Rafi sahed and Kishore Da.

    Himesh is pretty sickening. Ismail doesn’t seem to be helping Amanat, almost seems like he does not want him to win!

    Hope everyone votes for Amanat in India.

    Raja is good, but he is so boring. Same style, same voice, too fake for me.

    Aneek’s last performance was good, but Amanat’s was much better.

    Good Luck

  28. Dear Amanat,

    If nothing else, you have reached one of the life time occasions…I would say an occasion no other Indian or Pakistani has enjoyed in past 60 years….to bring the two people feel ‘closest ever’. My dear, whatever you say or do or sing, pl make sure not to lose this opportunity. I think all you have to do is to ‘remain yourself’….Mashallah, you are the best.

  29. I agree, RAJA is the best. Himesh is playing politics, he is so cheap, jealous, immature, unprofessional, hyped, untalented, useless person. He will ruin career of Aneek also. RAJA is no. 1 and AMANAT is no. 2

  30. I agree,RAJA is the best. Himesh is playing politics, he is so cheap, jealous, immature, unprofessional, hyped, untalented, useless person. He will ruin career of Aneek also. RAJA is no. 1 and AMANAT is no. 2

  31. Dera Amanat,

    U’ll certainly win this contest as your father win in his time. INSHALLAH.

  32. Hamesh only knows 4 wards


  33. Hamesh only knows 4 wardsand nothing else

    1)mind blowing

  34. Hi Paradeep Jain,
    u r absolutly right, i m with u.

  35. Amanat is an excellent singer. He has a bright future. I wish to hear many music numbers from him in future.

  36. amanat you are the BEST. Making us pakistanis proud. keep it up bro, you will win INSHALLAH

  37. Raja is boring and 1 dimensional aneek is good but amanat is simply better than the rest not every singer can make a whole audience cry

  38. Amanat has the potential to become a legend like Rafi, Kishore, Lata.

    I think the choice of songs, could have been better. I think his mentors are not supporting him enough.

    Amanat Ali, beats Raja and Aneek hands down, in pathos and voice quality. He hits a cord with the listener’s spiritual and existential self.

    Amanat, you must cut some albums. Most of us, overseas, identify with your voice. A perennial singer. A man of all seasons.

    Good Luck and God Bless,

  39. I like this programme the most.All the contestants are outstanding,but I am a big fan of Amanat Ali.Because he has a matured voice and singing.His singing sounds more like a professionals instead of a contestant.

  40. Hey Amanat
    You are the best. Don’t take lot of tension if you are not geting more vote because you know you are the BEST , therefore, indians are not supporting you.

  41. I like this programme the most.All the contestants are outstanding,but I am a big fan of Raja.Because he has a matured voice and singing.His singing sounds more like a professionals instead of a contestant.

  42. If ever there is a song that I would like to hear non-stop it would be Amanat’s TUJHSE NARAAZ NAHI .. and hey Amanat buddy it really is the song that touches your heart & soul – makes you a great singer not having the no1. position in a contest .. for me you are the best … EAST OR WEST AMANAT IS THE BEST

  43. Hey guys! i agree that HR is a total retard when it comes 2 judgin, especially with aneek!!(suck up..) but pradeep, ur nos.r wrong deary… IT’S AMANAT NO. 1 N RAJA NO.2. n well no comment on shortie there… Amanat has that unique and sweet voice(like himself)lol. so i wud vote 4 him if i were all of u. put all jokes aside n get wit the programme!!!

  44. Amanat is the best thing that ever happened 2 saregamapa!!!!!!!!!! He has an amazing voice an u no it,fullstop!!!!! i have noting else to say but, he rocks and he deserves to win. Amanat keep on rocking hun u de best !!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Btw who ever says dat Amanat will win they are ssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo rite because he will!!!!!!!!!!! Amanat, no matter what happens happens or where u end up u are stiil the best and no stupid TV show has to prove that u Rule!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur voice has touched a lot of people cause its so unique, no judges should prove u wrong cause they are just jealous of ur voice keep it up u are litterally the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. What ever the public voting, Amanat has won the contest. All the judges including Pandit Jasrajji mentioned u r the winner of this contest.
    Amanat has not only won the contest, he has won the hearts and minds of lots of people.
    To top it, he also got offers from producers (Farah Khan and Gupta) and music directors.

    If you look at the comments here a majority are in favour of Amanat. Also the judges and celebrity guests of dus kahaniyan all praised Amanat with tears, claps and smile on their faces. All of them are INDIANS. Indians have been praising Amanat for his talent. Wonder why some of the friends here are saying he will not win because he is pakistani.

    At the first place the indians gave him the chance to show his talent. If that is the issue, let Pakistan host similar show and invite indians to sing and let them vote an indian to atleast 3rd position.

    Anand Raj rightly mentioned, ye sarhad bol rahi hai, woh pareshaan hai. Like the great Jhonlennon said, music has no boundaries.

    What ever be the results of this contest, music has won in this contest. SA RE GA MA PA DHA NEE SAA…..

  47. We Indians who live in North America are hooti’n an voti’n for Amanat, even though z is charging $.99 for each vote. Why are they doing this? We have to pay to vote! Is it the same in India?

    Where is this voting money going?

  48. I think amanat should win he has an amazing voice and aneek has a kids voice i dunt rlly lik him and raja is normal but overall AMANAT IS THE BEST AND HE WILL WIN INSHALLAH

  49. every body know that u have God giftted voice.AMANAT U R WINNER.

  50. It is really good to see some positives prevailing even on this discussion forum.

    Ali you are absolutely right…credit goes to the Indians to have dug out Amanat and his likes even from Pakistan and have adorned them more than anyone expected. Hats off to Ismail Ji in particular.

    However I think after the contest, how bollywood responds to each one of them depends purely on their individual talent, and on how well they have nurtured it. Luck will play the casting vote. But I must say that all three are impressive singers, if you do not comapre them with each other.

  51. i vote for aneek.

  52. I vote for raja

  53. I vote for Amanat.

  54. I vote for Aneek

  55. I vote for Raja

  56. I vote For Aneek

  57. I vote for Aneek

  58. I vote for Amanat. He is the best singer. Zee TV plz make the right decision.

  59. Did you notice how Sanjay Gupta called everyone except Himesh on stage for his music launch?

    Great snub for HR, who thinks he owns the show and always butts in with his two-bit nonsense in his typically loud and brash manner! He’s an idiot, and should be done away with in the future versions of the programme.

  60. aamant

  61. very true………. amanat is undoubtly the best singer amongst the three finalists, though at the begining of the competition i was hoping an indian would emerge a winner……..now i myself am voting for amanat, a non indian………. it’s the talent that’s speaking volumes for him, my god what a singer………… that last performance, tujse naraaz……….. splendid!!!!!!! he is simply amazing!!!!!!!! i am hoping that zee can be a bit more sportive and fair to amanat, for the lone reason that he deserves it. and i am really hoping this HR can be kicked out of the show…….and aneek deserves to be out first for that pathetic performance singing….bhool bhulaiyaa, and what the heck, the judges callled it good?????!!!!! himesh is being very biased here, and simply creates a scene with every simple thing, what with all the girl following aneek has, complete crap!!!!!well mr. reshamiaya if u get to read this, what ever you do, aneek’s not going to win because he isn’t the best here. comming to raja………well he’s a nice person, he is a nice singer (but not at all versatile.) BUT amanat is better…………….
    so god willing amanat should win this competition. (i just wish he was indian:) but tat’s not gonna stop me from voting for him)

  62. I agree completely with Aejaz and Prakruthi. All our good singers, when not compared to each other. But Amanat is the apex. I am an Indian living overseas, and I have already voted for Amanat.

    Amanat is not only a great singer but is also an ambassodor for peace and caring amongst the people of Pak and India. He is the voice of modernity. A voice of moderation. A bridge builder and a good soul.

    If Zee wants to continue to grab the international audience, it must maintain its universal, non-biased stance, in all its programming, especially shows like Sa re..

    But hats off to Sa Re for even attempting a show like this one, don’t y’all think?

  63. Ek ne hansa diya Dusre ne rula diya!! kya khub rahi sham…pasand apni apni chuno Raja ko ya Amanat ko.. apni apni adano se dono ne dil ko chhu hi liya!
    Both are winners!!

  64. Please vote for Raja and make him number 1 as jindagi hasne gane ke liye hai!

  65. Hi, I agree with many of the comments that some how Mr Ismaiel Darbar does not want amanat to win the contest, even when he sings superbly he would critisize him and his face never shows exitement for his student. What is teh reason behind it , even in one programme he told that amant voters should vote for raja, this is so so unfair. Only judges that make sense in the programme are vishal and shekhar, they always appreciate amanat and tell every one that he is the most versatile singer in the contest and that is teh truth and that HR what does he think of himself he is so CHaploos to all the guests and full of praise for his own student and never appreciated amanat.I was so happy to see him totally pale and numb when he was listening to amanat on the last performance , HR wsa shocked and speechless amy be was thinking how he can bring aneek on the stage for comparison. The conclusion is that like many of u i also know that Zee tv HR and Ismial Darbar will not let amanat win they are very biased but AMANAT U R THE WINNER OF OUR HEARTS AND WINNER IN OUR EYES OUR ALL PRAYERS ARE WITH U.

  66. Raja is not number 1 because he can only sing a particular type of songs While AMANAT proved he can sing any thing from soft romantic to classical to fast club to disco songs . AMANAT IS NUMBER 1

  67. looks its amanat fan club
    wrong site to praise raja and aneek
    waise bhi koi phadak nahin padta jeetege raja hi

  68. raja no 1

  69. Hey Amanat what are you waiting for. Just unleash your true singing potential, stop panicking, let yourself go, and make all your fans dance on your soft rhythms. You’re a true singer who is very versatile, so don’t delay, throw yourself in the battle and show them all your true potential. Good luck to all the 3 singers.

  70. hey all u admirers of AMANAT LETS GET STARTED
    we have to make him..please vote from this link-http://www.saregamapa.rediff.com/votefortaj.html..n use mai ids of ur friends,colleagues,friends of ur colleagues n friends n colleagues of ur sisters brothers dad n mom etc etc…keep voting day n nite till 13 oct ,8pm.juts like me doing…


  71. raja is horrible, when it comes to classical songs. Himesh is a retarded, stupid, idiot, who always butts in with his stupid comments. amanat is no. 1 and zee, just kick himesh out.

  72. And also those of you raja fans, he can only sing on genre unlike amanat

  73. amanat is no 1 no 1 no1 and no one can take that away from him.

  74. http://saregamapa.rediff.com/poll/thankyou.html

    Folks, is this an official voting site? Are you sure that these votes will be counted? How do we know its not a fake? What if we all vote from here and the votes are not counted?

    Someone please check with official Zee or Sa re and post.


  75. I have been reading comments from all people and realised that people are very biased in india and they want to vote for indians not for the best contestant. Amanat is best from all aspect Raja and Aneek not even near to him. Amanat can sing all type of songs but Raja and Aneek have few areas where they are expert.

    I would say to all please vote to the best contestant, dont vote to non deserving candidate coz this is international programme not an indian talent show.


  76. Very true Amanat is the best from all aspect.

  77. Hey dude, from where did u get this statistics.
    As per Rediff.com, 53% have voted in favor of Amanat, 24 Aneek and 23 Raja…..

  78. Thats a huge margin…. Than Amanat will win hands down.
    He deserve to win

  79. Hi Folks,

    The voting site at rediff as posted by Romilla, is not a real voting site. That is the votes will not be counted. I guess its just a polling site.

    I spoke with Z tv in Texas, USA and they say that the only way to get your vote counted is by sms.


  80. Hi Folks,

    Rediff.com is a fake site as far as votes is concerned. I repeat votes from this site are not counted, so all their stats are just a poll.

    Email: customerservice@zeetvusa.com

    Phone: (817) 274-2933 Ext.24
    Fax: (817) 274-4845

  81. Guys,


    Romilla’s post as follows is incorrect. DO NOT VOTE FROM THE REDIFF SITE. I HAVE CONFIRMED IT WITH Z TV.

    Romila said,

    October 10, 2007 at 8:09 am

    hey all u admirers of AMANAT LETS GET STARTED
    we have to make him..please vote from this link-http://www.saregamapa.rediff.com/votefortaj.html..n use mai ids of ur friends,colleagues,friends of ur colleagues n friends n colleagues of ur sisters brothers dad n mom etc etc…keep voting day n nite till 13 oct ,8pm.juts like me doing…



  82. hey!! thanx ria 4 the advice! i can’t believe i was wasting my time wid that….
    n ppl out there, VOTE FOR AMANAT for me cuz frm where i am, i can’t vote via sms!!(sniffle)… VOTE FOR AMANAT 4 ME PLZ!!!!

  83. Okay Tapasya, your plea has been registered. (smile, smile :))

    The official SMS number to call in the USA, is: 78597. The number on Rediff.com is different. Number might be different in other parts of the world, I suppose.


  84. People,

    I suppose you could still vote on the rediff.com site, nothing to lose, as long as you vote on sms also.

    This is what z tv usa told me… i.e. that rediff.com is not a voting site. But it is possible that rediff. might have some direct relationship with the producer of sa re ga ma pa. The producer has the right to count or not count votes, apparently, as you can read in the “policy.”

    So to sum it up, my advice is SMS and in addition you can vote on rediff.com site…nothing to lose!

  85. I found this on another site:

    by moonlight on Oct 11, 2007 05:47 AM | Hide replies

    ITS SHAMFULL ACT:::::::::::::::




  86. Aneek,
    Diaji is absolutely right. Any one who will listen to your singing will never forget you. From day one, all of your performenses have proven that “You Are The Best”. All of your fans in New Jersey are waiting for you. When are you going to perform in the US?
    With love,


  88. when all other singers the sound enters your ears but when amanat sings it goes directly to heart.

  89. amanat truly deserves to win this contest, he is without any doubt the best singer among them all. he is in a totally different category than the others, his singing touches your heart and soul and i think that is what a true singer is, he might not get fair voting and end up losing, so lets give it our best shot to keep on voting for him till the end as many times as we can and let the deserving participant win because the other two do not even come close to him.

  90. ye gol gol baatan nakko karo. Amant achcha hai toa unaich achcha hai bolo, uskuich vote karna tume logaan

  91. Amanat you are the best ! You are above this compition.May god bless Amanat and this Amanat of World.A true musical soul ! You have this amazing voice ! You will always will stay in my heart .Because your voice give me a supreme joy every time I hear you voice .A day one I knew what your talent will do to the music lover.You are the winner…

    Ismail Darbarji – Thank you for finding this true soul of music!

    I salute everyone who knows that Amanat is a true talent !!!!!!!!

  92. They are all winners. Hope they all 3 get lots of album and movie contracts.

    Tapasya I did put in an sms for Amanat, in your name, okay.

    Hope we can purchase a cd with amanat’s music someday, and also Raja’s and Aneek’s. Aneek’s pretty good too I must say, and so is Raja, but for me, Amanat’s voice is unique.

    So Amanat, sing with your heart and soul and let it go–sing with freedom and fearlessly.

    Good luck to all

  93. thanx ria!!!!!
    i knw the vote counted but i just watched z tv n aneek was voted 1st!!!
    i knw it shudn’t feel like the world is comin 2 an end but 3 of them are incredible singers n i have to admit that! AMANAT U R THE BEST N A WINNER NOT ONLY 2 ME BUT EVERYONE ELSE I KNW 2!!!! u deserve the best n hu cares if u don’t win? u got so many offers frm PROFESSIONALS n ur fans(aka us here) r all rootin 4 u!!
    yes, n gud luck 2 all the 3 outstandin finalists….actually, u all have gr8 futures 2 look foward 2!! luv u!

  94. Here are the polls from zeetv.com
    Aneek Dhar 36.08%
    Raja Hasan 23.82%
    Amanat Ali 40.101%

    as of 9:47 Eastern standard time (usa)

    But remember, this is only a poll, its not the actual votes—!! Poll takers may or may not be actual voters. Hope they are !

    Amanat is leading at 40%

  95. I don’t know if any of you folks noted that the date on this blog is 13th oct–its 12 oct here in the USA–== any one from usa on this? How late can one vote? in the usa.

  96. hey i tried to vote on the no 786 something but it didnt go through can you guys help me i cant vote i want to vote for amanat i just saw the prep show for the final and amanat wason 3rd losing to aneek and raja!!!

  97. and plus he was on no.3 in indian voting and no.1 in international voting, hes not getting many votes from india cause i think hes pakistan :/

  98. amant performance is rocking especially the last week which he sang a song of massoom film…………….its really amazing he should have to win this challenge……….whole world wiyh u …i know it u will be winner…….u have blessing from every one who r the supportter of urs

  99. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    D loser is the winner!!!!!!!!!! that’s total BS man………..
    i’m heartbroken n somewhat disgusted at the ppl hu voted n discriminated!!!
    i thought atleast raja wud get it(the only GUD indian). but i guess i was wrong….
    ppl, screw that!! amanat n raja wud reach further than that l8r on in the future!!!! they’re the best!! although amanat didn’t win, he was still happy n really big up his guru n parents more than ne thing!!!
    i was glad that poonam got something at the end and i enjoyed the whole show.
    despite the results (n being l8 4 my classes) evryone is a winner.
    i’m happy n proud of all of them. ESPECIALLY AMANAT!!!!(such a nice person)…..

    Amanat, i’m waitin 4 ur first album soon right?! luv u!!

    MAY GOD B WID U………
    Btw, Amanat, i’m waitin 4 ur first album l8r on right?! luv u!!

  102. im so sad amanat didnt win, he didnt because hes a pakistani basically but raja too aye he didnt win either.In my opinion aneek didnt deserve to win but i guess people in india dont really care about the ebst singer :/

  103. and ismail darbar kept telling amanat its ok in the end and saying that amanat is no.1 amanat finished 3rd isnt that just sad! anyhow i wish him the best for the future

  104. Well thats that, Aneek win AN AMANAT iz still d best. I doh ha nothing to say but gud luck to everyone in the future and i know that Amanat will reach very very very far. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!

  105. well aneek has won its good but i wnted raja to win he was the best

  106. amanat should have won!

  107. aneek jeet gia kiun ke wo munda hindou hindoustani he or yeh to result pehley se pata tha ke amanat kabbi bhi nehi jeet sake ga kiun ke woh parose se aya hey or raja tho akhir raja he us ko bhi kesey jeeta saketein india waley bezati ki bhi haad hoty hey
    i boycott saregama show and i request all of u stop to see saregama .plz

  108. Dear friends,
    In my view justice was not done in between three talented contestents. We people here in Ludhiana think Raja or Amanant should be the No. 1. Aneek did not deserve first place.Yes not last but nott least we comment on H. R. He showed much more exra ordinary…. means to say excess of every thing is bad. He is degrating his immage himself. We now hate HR

  109. i think saregama pa is great show but i dont like wild card entry and somebody outside came between the show and that person takes the chance for others . i think raja shold be the winner but my heart is broke when i listen aneek is the winner . i think people dont know anything about music they choose the wrong person.

  110. Sa re ga ma pa has a clear bias for Bengalis … I find this bias really unfortunate. Amaanat was clearly the best singer but being a Pakistani was discriminated against, and Raja was a close second – and yet they gave the first prize to Aneek! Absurd.

    Stop watching this program …

  111. nayna desai said,
    October 12, 2007 at 10:07 am

    Amanat you are the best ! You are above this compition.May god bless Amanat and this Amanat of of World.A true musical soul ! You have this amazing voice ! You will always l stay in my heart .Because your voice give me a supreme joy every time I hear your voice .A day one I knew what your talent will do to the music lover.You are the winner…

    Ismail Darbarji – Thank you for finding this true soul of music!

    I salute everyone who knows that Amanat is a true talent !!!!!!!!

  112. dear amant you are the best singer in the world i like your songs you sang very well bye ok from khadeeja uae sharjah

  113. amant you are the best singer i love your songs iam from uae ok you are how are you good singer

  114. how to go adbeach website plz who will say if you know tell me the answert

  115. i appreciate your efforts

  116. I actually found a fresh , new premium megaupload web site generator @ http://bit.ly/eOAAB6.

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