Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 – 29th Sep Episode Spoiler!!!

  • Chief Guest – Team of Om Shanti Om – Farah Khan and Deepika Padukone
  • Raja’s songs
    1) Chal Chhaiyaa Chhaiyaa (Dil Se)
    2) One of the songs from Om Shanti Om
  • Aneek’s songs
    1) Tu Hi Tu Satarangi Re (Dil Se)
    2) Main Agar Kahun (Om Shanti Om) – Singer Sonu Nigum and Music by Vishal Shekhar

~ by Rajeev on September 28, 2007.

87 Responses to “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 – 29th Sep Episode Spoiler!!!”

  1. Aneek should win hands down. Amanat should come second. i dont know why Raja gets so many votes. He is not up to standard. Wish Sumedha or poonam were there instead of Raja

  2. raja is best
    surely no.1

  3. I think aneek is the best
    Because his voice is very very clear and good
    he is the one of the best singer in india
    but raja also good
    Because he dont have knowlage about singing
    he’s belong from Very small town And his perfomens is good without singing knowladge

  4. i think amanat is absolutely outstanding – there is no comparison. i think indians should be fair and vote for him

  5. anita aah…what you talking aah?? you aah…. amanat okay aah… not outstanding aah…. raja best aaah…. aneek is a kid aah.. you have no mind aah…. what aaah… you aaah…

  6. Guys…Think why the final is being held between three contestants?

    In previous show, the format was clearly shown that the final will be between two contestants.

    This is a commercial strategy of ZEE TV. Now they want to become the most popular channel in pakistan also. The problem is that they cannot modify the voting pattern because it is being handled by an independent technology consulting firm.

    Three contestants theory was thought because then the indian votes will split between Raja and Aneek. While pakistani votes will go only for Amanat.

    Now Musharraf is also not there so Amanat is getting all the pakistani votes, Poonam was strategically discouraged and removed from the show so that she should not cut votes from ismail fans.

    Indians from india and all over world, please vote RAJA, because he has a better fan following than Aneek.

    Just read the abusive comments from pakistani’s on the zee television forum.

    We have to defeat pakistan in the final.

  7. amanat is best

  8. Aneek has a kid’s voice so i dun think he hould win raja cant sing rlly nic overall Amanat can sing overall the best and he will win inshallah

  9. I have to agree with Abhishek, Raja should have been out looooooooooong time ago. He is good, but I think sa re ga ma pa had 2 or 3 better singers than him and by judging by votes does not justify for the best. They should had a female singer in for final to compete aginst a male singer and should had Poonam who I belived “ROCKED” for finals instead of Raja.

    ANEEK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ANEEK is the best
    ANEEK is the best
    ANEEK is the best
    ANEEK is the best

    Vote for Aneek plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  11. Vote for the one who will survive the Music Industry, and the only one who is the most versatile and with original voice of the three contestant is Amanat. (Great singers like SONU and SUKHWINDER are already there), and for sure we now want to add a new voice Amanat. Good luck and God Bless Amanat. Keep up the great work!

  12. Dear Amanat,

    If nothing else, you have reached one of the life time occasions…I would say an occasion no other Indian or Pakistani has enjoyed in past 60 years….to bring the two people feel ‘closest ever’. My dear, whatever you say or do or sing, pl make sure not to lose this opportunity. I think all you have to do is to ‘remain yourself’….Mashallah, you are the best.

  13. Only and Only Aneek should win….he deserves to be a winner…Raja and Amanat are not to his level….

    His level of singing is too high than the other two…


  14. who is soo stuoid guy who took the microphone from amanat while singing. He shud be kicked out of bombay area. My God, this is the disaster in this episode. amanat is such great singer. Aneek’s melody and voice quality is natural gift.
    Raja is naturally gifted rajastani folk singer. I love his style of sining” Allah bande” is great.
    Evryone is so great. But Aneek has all qualities for being a play singer in Industry for long time.

  15. Raja is naturally gited rajastani folk style singer. He sings these types of sings so well
    and with heart. I lke his song so much.
    Mr Himesh, you dont need to beg vote in this stupid way for aneek. He is very very talented.

    Amanat you please be a Gazal King. Your classical base is so good. In last 2 episodes i dont know who has chosen but extreme wrong songs for your voice. You are great singer.

  16. satya what was this “We have to defeat pakistan in the final”. you r 1 SAD INDIAN.
    its a show not a war or something like that. people like you cause more harm than a GOOD.

  17. all bull sheet




  19. Raja is great !!! Just Listen ones his “ Ma tuje salam” and that will give you complete idea about his singing qualities.

    If any buddy knows a little bit about singing. Can easily judge what a beautiful voice he got. I agree with Vishal, Raja got a divine voice.

  20. I think Raja will be winner.
    As per my knowledge:-

    RAJA\’s voice == Sukhwinder\’s voice
    Aneek\’s voice == Sonu\’s voice
    But Amanat == \”ORIGINAL VOICE\”

  21. They all are good, its not the matter of nationalities, or who wins or who looses, all matter is if both nations can become strong ally in all aspects, so we both can win the world.

    Please do not criticise anyone, they all are good singers.

    Wish all of them the best.










  23. hey!!!!!!

    This show is going on nicely…..

    Enjoy it…….

    All singers are good but Amanat is exceptonal…..

    He has all the ingredients of a great singer….

    He would be a outstanding singer in the future…

    I love Pakistanis coz of their extreme talent.

    Best wishes for all Pakistanis.Love 4 indians.

    Be together……….

    Al The Way!!
    He Can Sing Al Genres.. Slow.. Fast And Love
    Were As Raja Can Only Suit A Certain Song!!
    And Aneek Is Great 2 !
    I Love Them All!
    There Al Oustanding They Must Be If They’ve Gtten This Far Then They Must be Good!!
    All Of There Voiices Had A Certain Jadoo..
    I Loved Mauli Nd Harpreet 2 They Were All Gudd!!

  25. Also Lovedd Junaid!!

  26. aneek is the winner as he is the only one who can sing all genres

  27. i want amanat to win 2nd should be aneek RAJA SHOULD NOT BE HERE I DONT NO WHY PEOPLE VOTE 4 RAJA HE SUCKS

  28. i want to see raja as a winner

  29. we want to see raja as a winner

  30. Hey Buddy…

    I know Raja has got a great voice and Amanat is also gifted classical singer….But if anybody wants versatility …its aneek….U just see how many different sort of songs he sang….
    I wish Aneek will ein the SaReGaMaPa2007

    Best wishes for aneek.

  31. ***Dear Indian & Pakistani friends !!!
    I was sad when (punjab da puter)Harpreet was out …but way poonam yaar !!! Wish poonam is No 1…..koie female singer final tak nahin Aayi….very Bad….yaar AURAT bi tou hamare samaj ka 1/2 ha…!!!
    I belived (Three ka tola) Amanat,Raja and Aneek they all are very good singers, for me they all are winner …. but “The Real Winner” in the this reaim of wisdom beauty are the people of India & Pakistan….jinoun ne Pandat our Mula ke juthe bagwan our ALLAH ko chur ker Bagat kabir our Bulle shah ke Aadershoun ko zinda kia….Hindustan zinda bad…Pakistan paenda bad ……
    Rashid Anjum (Lahore Pakistan)


  33. aneek you are the best . you rock Aneek.You are the winner of sa re ga ma

  34. aneek you are the best
    U are a rock star

  35. Finally ANEEK is the winner ….thankx sa re ga ma for the recognition who actually deserves the award…..

    Thank u all for voing Aneek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its party time aneek

  36. AMANAT is grt i love him uf he is so cute n handsom….no prob if AMANT is not a winner but he is a ROCK STAR…hey AMANAT me also frm paki but in kwt…i love u…BLESS U….mmuaahaaaa

  37. As we read from Tofy that the sms votes are really a waste of time and our money.Agreed. Who is reaping the fortune amassed from these sms’es ? What do the stage judges do? just to sit and stare? There is one at least who does not require any presentation — the participants have more talent than HIM anyway,they sing better and they have more conviction too. One more thing , we cannot judge the participants by their performance as they all sing differnt songs and different genres. they should have sung the same songs and all genres so as to distinguish the true talents. If I do not like a song a participant is singing I will definitely vote for him/her no matter whether his/her performance is the best! Rocking and dancing are the trend nowadays and these are the least worthy of all genres that are displayed. test the participants on old, new , ghazal, classical or semi classical to really see what mettle they are made of. And those who have been eliminated already may be better than those remaining ,just by the wrong type of voting.Even the nasal type of singer has no place in this contest if he were to stand as a participant and sing all the songs that everyone has to sing at the same not try to fool us just by pocketing our money —just calculate the 3.65 crores of votes X by Rupees 6.00 per SMS.See how much waste and evrything is being distorted.

  38. Aneek just can sings only SONU NIGAM’S Song…
    But AMANAT is the greatest / variety singer because he can sings all kings of songs.

  39. ANEEK is BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  40. unfair decision….

  41. indians are resist

  42. yea!! ali ur right

  43. Yes I think he is a muslim so he should not win….afterall these bloody muslims hate us….so wy not we hate them…..bloody pakistanis

  44. Also these pakistanis have banned out TV programs to be aired there….then wy the hell we r inviting pakistan ppl in our country….our country has numerous singers…wy to have these singers here…..

  45. Aneek should not have won he was the worst out of three. The only good performance he gave was of Padosan. Raja was good but Amanat was best. Let’s be honest…..this is a world championship i agree we being Indians would want an Indian to win but this is also a talent show and Amanat is most talented. I didn’t like Aneek but I hated Hemesh Reshamiya…that guy can’t sing himself, he got some hit songs, a bunch of fools are his fans and he thinks he is a top singer……he kept begging for votes always saying silly things on show. Honestly speaking i wanted Aneek to loose and get rid of Hemesh Reshamiya.

  46. Bull Shit Aneek, as Himesh Reshamiya begging votes. anyways, i dissapointed.

  47. Himesh sings pretty well….he has got approx 150 hit songs…..which includes his music direction and also his singing…..any where in the any disco…his songs rock for INDIANS!!…i myself is in Los Angeles, USA and discos over here with Indian crowd just love himesh’s songs. His style is different and should be appreciated…..
    yes its true that this time in sa re ga ma he exaggerated various situations…made stories to attract ppl….but eventually Aneek was a nice singer…i definitely don’t want Pakistanis to win…especially that too on Indian television….in fact they should not be invited….i hav seen here in USA how Pakistanis hate Indians… why do we give them any chance like that….

  48. SaReGaMaPa…was a good attempt by Zee TV to draw a greater international audience. In that sense it succeeded. The main reason for its success is however the fact that there were a number of pakistani singers on the show. Hadn’t that been the case, this show would not have risen higher than the level of its predecessors such as Indian Idol etc, voice of India, Antakshri, nach ballye etc. which were exclusively Indian shows.

    However, we in Pakistan have a general feeling about India, which unfortunately was proven right once again in this show. Pakistanis think that while Indians will talk BIG, try to act BIG…but sadly enough inside there hearts they think and act small…without a fail. I am not a sarcastic crtic… but some facts are too visible to be given any other meaning.

    I think if Zee TV had gone fairly about the whole thing (There are lots of evidences that they did not) there would have been much more respect for India and a huge fan following for the Indian channels in Pakistan….unfortunately another huge opportunity lost.

    It is hard to beleive that Aneek who was losing in all international votings on the net and opinion pollss sprang up from nowehere and WON. Even ur own gurus were clear on who was the winner. It is even more difficult to palate that Amanat was ‘proven’ worse even than Raja Hassan, who while a great awani-type singer epert in high pitch songs, was no way closer to the mahab Ali….and that too by jsut a few thousand votes.

    I was sad to hear one comment about Hindu-Muslims and hatred above. With this kind of thinking (and actions apparenlty fortifying these feelings), what you can really achieve…I am wondering

    I always tell my Indian friends that while India is big in size, it should also be big in heart….if it wants to lead in the region.

  49. @Aejaz

    Even i used to think like that the way you think….but i have experienced so many situations where in I realized that Pakistanis hate Indians….well, you might not be among them but definitely majority of them are…
    Aneek’s voice suits most of the for playback singing…so I wanted him to win..

  50. amanat roxxxxx aneek has a voice of a kid raja is good but not more than amanat

  51. i love aneek…………aneek is ths best…he is rokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk………

  52. Aneek Won!! Okay Faiir Enoughh!!
    But For Me AMANAT ALI Is The Winner!!!
    Its Just Coz He Woz From Pakistan That They Took Him Outt!!

  53. fuck sa re ga ma pa it sucks soccer is the best

  54. raja is the best. amnat is as good as raja. Amanat and Raja are rockstars.Aneek has a kids voice.Annek should have been voted out a long time ago. it was a unfair desicion that aneek won. I was hoping Raja or
    amanat to win.Aneek is puppy shit.

  55. I think Aneek should win because his voice is clear.

  56. this refers to comment posted by Satya on oct 1.

    saying that lets defeat pakistan in the finals…as if this was another cricket match.

    Do you not get it that this is a talent contest..Get some life , man,

    Get above the communal feelings..World has come a long way. but guys like you do not open the eyes .

  57. @Shika

    The thinking you keep….I think anyone would hate you. I being an Indian hate you and I too live in USA and have family not just in USA but also Australia and UK. I am a working women and meet ppl all arounfd the world I have Pakistani, middle eastern, Iranian coworkers and never ever I felt that they hate us. I think Its YOU who has a problem and maybe, no not maybe I am sure that they HATE you and your bulshit hindu muslim thinking.;-)

  58. Talent cannot be hidden. I say even if Amanat lost in the show he was truly a winner. he was most talented and I am sure He will be more successful then Raja and Aneek. God will help him….Thank God that God doesn’t differentiate in hindu and muslim like some of us.

  59. Aneek deserves to be the winner. He is an awesome singer, and can sing versalite songs. He will be a good play back singer in long run…He is rockinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg…

  60. Does India have less talent to invite these bloody Pakistanis…


    You are not the only Indian abroad…you keep ur verdict to urself…i have experienced all this that’s wy saying….

  61. @ Shikha

    ha ha ha….Shikha, this is a blog we are supposed to say what we feel is right or wrong not…….”keep ur verdict to urself” crap. You said how u feel and I said how i feel u might have faced discrimination and hatered from others not me and neither has anyone i know. Also, I do know I am not the only Indian living abroad…tht was exactly wht i wanted u to know …u r not the only one.
    When we live in India we ask wht caste, wht religion other person is but when u leave ur country u leave caste and relegion issues far behind. Here we all seem like being from same part of the world.
    India has indeed a lot of talent, but when the show had international contestents, it was unfair for someone more talented to loose. Even if he was from Pakistan. If it was a cricket match…whoa…..i would be supporting Indian team but this is a talent show, and some wrong decisions have been taken on this show. ex. Poonam and Sumedha should have been in finals.
    In Indian idol I felt Amit Paul was better then Prashant…even Javed Akhter said he hasn’t heard a voice like Amit Paul in years. So, the point is when ppl vote they just go on looks and performance mostly not everyone has sense of music. So they end up choosing a wrong contestent.
    Lastly, Shikha……chill out;-) Try to see around you there is more love then hatered.

  62. @Manju

    I am very happy with my approach..and treat everyone as equal…even i work here with many ppl from different countries…but ppls from Pakistan are not all the same…so that was my experience with them….so you should not be bothered what I have experienced….commend only on yours……
    Got It!!

  63. If you think them as really grt..then wy they have banned indian serials to be aired in their country???????????????????????
    Also if the serials are banned then why they are sending ppl to our country to participate??????????????????????????

  64. Hey Shikha! Take a deep breath and tell us who are u really annoyed at….the producers of Sa re ga ma for calling ppl from ard the world, at other countries for having talented ppl, pakistan government that they banned Indian Serials( next time they shld ask u wht they shld show and wht not in their country). You seem to be annoyed at everything.
    You r a very unhappy person. I feel for u poor thing, the only happiness u saw was probably in Aneek winning the competetion and look now ppl r raising questions on tht too……ahh damn these ppl they r so jealous of ur happiness.
    Tell me something wht has anything tht u r complaining abt to do with Amanat being talented. If he was an Indian he shld have won but just becoz he is a Pakistani u say he shld loose. Don’t forget u r living in another country too. wht if u r discriminated in US, wht if even if u deserve to be a winner in some comepetetion they kick u out just becoz ur Indian and not american citizen.
    I know nothing anybody says cld change ur opnion becoz a dog’s tail…….;-)

  65. If you think Amanat should win then probably Sa re ga ma should ask you next time whom to declare as winner.

    “”””””””””I know nothing anybody says cld change ur opnion becoz a dog’s tail”””””””””””

    And mind your words ok…
    doesn’t seem like you are in US….probably just pretending that..:D

  66. Good Lord Shikha……u r soooo senstive for Aneek:-) Even if they wld have asked judges to decide the winner it wld either have been Raja or Amanat definetly not Aneek. Also, if u r not aware there r just too may ppl questioning Aneek being the winner.
    Also, good that u do consider ur self as dog’s tail……i didn’t say it was u:-)
    And lastly where I am from…….i don’t care wht u think, US, India,….keep guessing;-).
    A hint, maybe i am someone u know.

  67. Don’t know from where you are….but surely you are a bitch…
    I don’t want to use such words…but……..

    leave it yaar….
    don’t wanna anymore talk to this disgusting personality…

    Who else supports this???

  68. HA HA HA…….! 😀 I am rolling with laughter. It’s fun to see u go crazy. I acheived what i wanted to. who gives a crap about who wins or looses……not my personal loss. Maybe it is for u. Thanks for entertaining me…..:-D

  69. Aneek sucks! Amanat or Raja should have been a winner

  70. As I said Aneek is a puppy shit.

  71. Aneek is young…and his voice matches most of the actors….afterall playback singing takes most of the singers time..
    Raja can sing good only in limited styles so that is a negative point.

    Be happy with the best achievement of your life 😀

  72. And also Manju ji

    if who wins or loses doesn’t matter to u…so r u passing time over here….u r working still so free to fight with me and do such so called CRAP things…
    poor fellow…if u r so free then come and clean my wardrobe… 😀 😀

  73. Manju and Sikha

    This post is not about your fights. If Sikha is not interested in Amanat’s winning then its her choice. If Manju is not interested in Aneek’s winning then its her choice. Atleast don’t make it Sikha, Manju Blog. Anyways, Sikha keep it up. You are burning her ass. She really seems to be free from her “USA job” thats why after you. HE HE HE HE HE. Enjoy the fight. And keep on burning her ass. HILARIOUS!!

  74. True it seems more like a Shikha Manju blog. You might have different opinions, that is fine but spare this blog.I personally felt that Shikha should not have used some abusive words against other ppl, if she likes Aneek it’s fine but why say things like bloody Pakistani….muslim, that’s dirty and hurts sentiments of many people. I would agree to Manju’s comments quite a bit. Anyways, don’t involve me in your fight gals…just gave my opinion.

  75. i am canadian citizen by birth. my parents were from india. lately i have developed interest for indian music.

    as a matter of fact, aneek and amanat were the real contenders for the first position. raja is basically a showman, who knowns cheap manupulative gimmics to get popular. annek sings well but has some childish overtones. amanat is superb. he is a versaile singer. his ghazal singing is simply great. he has the original voice. only problem is the vote selection procedure. amanat may not make to the top slot being a pakistani.

    i am wondering why poonam was voted out. she was a superb performer. her classical numbers were simply amazing.

  76. I am shocked to see that Aneek won, he was good but not good enough to be in finals. Amanat was the best. Amanat was always on top in nternational voting, how come all of a sudden Aneek got all the votes.
    I was going through the blogs and ya Shikha……you are a bitch. I have Indian friends and never thought bad about them (btw i am Pakistani) but when i shared ur blogs with them …..they say they are ashamed tht some indians are like you. I love the way Manju mocked at u:-) She did a gr8 job for burning your ass that’s why u probably wanted others to pet ur burnt ass by saying “ANEEK IS THE TRUE WINNER!!!!
    Who else supports this???” hmm and don’t you dare use abusive language against our religion our country. Keep your likes and dislikes to decent limits.

  77. OKKKKK

    I would not say I hate Muslims.
    I like the religion though. I myself went to dargaah a lot no. of times. I find peace there.

    But, I would say I hate Pakistan…
    Cause of terrorism.

  78. @Najam

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself that you are a Pakistani.

  79. GOSH!!!!!!!!!
    All the Pakistani supporters gone 😀
    Probably they realized the truth….he he he

  80. fsadfsa

  81. hey all gyus listen all pepole are same dnt say any bad for any paki or any inddian!

  82. and shikha u r not a gud drl listen all judje in sa re ga ma pa they all proud of amanat and he,s came from pakistan nuderstand and i m also pakistani so thats y dnt if u dnt like pakistani pepole so dosent matter so tats y if u dnt like so dnt say any bad things

    probably u understand now????????????

    ok thinking about it

  83. and shikha u r not a gud grl listen all judje in sa re ga ma pa they all proud of amanat and he,s came from pakistan nuderstand and i m also pakistani so if u dnt like pakistani pepole so dosent matter if u dnt like so dnt say any bad things

    probably u understand now????????????

    ok thinking about it

  84. Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************The Best******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************The Best******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************The Best******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************The Best******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************The Best******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************Amanat******************The Best******************

  85. Elakiri Amanath
    Elakiri Amanath
    Elakiri Amanath
    Elakiri Amanath
    Elakiri Amanath
    Elakiri Amanath

  86. top 10 songs…

    […]Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 – 29th Sep Episode Spoiler!!! « Twist & Shout[…]…

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