SaReGaMaPa – Your Opinion on This Week’s Show

My opinion:

Raja: 15/10
Poonam: 10/10
Amanat: 10/10
Sumedha: 9/10
Aneek: 7.5/10


~ by Rajeev on September 22, 2007.

25 Responses to “SaReGaMaPa – Your Opinion on This Week’s Show”

  1. Hallo, haw r, u,
    muje aap ka program theek lagta hai mai
    2009 me partecipet karna chah ta hu,
    aap sab ko me re taraf se mubaruck, raja, sumedha, punaam, annuk, amanat,

  2. Aneek is # 1,Raja is #2, Amanat is #3 for Finle that is i think

  3. I LIKE TO SEE ZEE TV SAREGAMAPA .Because ANEEK is my favorite singer.

  4. #1, Amanat.
    #3,Aneek,his voice is immature.He never shows emotions,unlike Amanat and Raja.He does not seem to understand the meaning of the words.Aneek has to grow up.

  5. Aneek is the best singer. Talking about emotions , please hear his Aug 15 performance, broughts tears to millions.

  6. I am an american with mixed psrents. I think Aneek is th ebset.

  7. Amanat is a good singer but not as versatile as Aneek. Raja is also a good singer. My favorite
    1. Aneek
    2. Raja
    3. Amanat

  8. Himesh is a very cheap mentor but Aneek is the best. He knows the singing. When he sings looks like a playback singer.

    I hope Aneek will win the contest.

    Poonam was a useless singer and she is out. She should not be allowed to enter in SA RE GA MA PA. She spoiled the whole show. We lost good singers, Deol, Mauli, Sumedha, Nirupama, Joy and Sunil. They were good talent but they never told their DRAMEBAJI STORIES openly so that they can be winner.

  9. aneek you are the best. i enjoyed your singing.god blees you . i know you will be the winner.

  10. I love RAJA.He is Rocking.
    Each singer in thos is excilent. This is the best show which Introduce us to such quality of singing. I wish Long leave SAREGAMAPA show,

  11. I take my hats off to the three finalists of Saregamapa of 2007. I think they all deserve to win first prize, no doubt about it. It is sad to think that they should be ranked because of public support through sms, which can be duplicated. I have never seen the best crop of performers. Each finalist has his own style and versatility and should be awarded first prize. Truly class performance. If they are to be ranked they should not feel they have lost because they lost to fan votes. They are truly Indian music’s best of the best talents. Hope they will be approached by recording companies soon. Bravo for a superb performance.

  12. Hello people,

    My name is Adam and I am from Malaysia, we are 1 week behind so we usually watch the show 1 week later from its original date. anyways, i think that 3 of them (Amanat, Aneek and Raja) are great singers and there is no doubt that their future in the singing industry looks bright however i feel that Amanat has little edge on Raja and Aneek interms of his singing capibilities. He has been nothing less than exceptional in his singing. He has been gifted with a lovely voice and he deserve to be on top. Aneek is next to Amanat, aneek is sharp and he has the ability to lift his standard. As far as Raja is concerned, he is so so, I like his singing but there is no spark in his singing like Aneek or Amanat.

  13. im from Australia and i go to watch this show every week. amanat is sooo hot and i hope raja wins the challenge coz he’s got talent. no offence but aneek suxxxx

  14. Aneek is the best. He sings like a playbk singer. Raja is overhyped. In versatality amanat tops .

  15. Only minus pts of this show are himesh and mauli who is finally out… She didnt deserve to be there in the 1st place

  16. Hi RAJA fans!

    Time is running out….VOTE …VOTE… VOTE… VOTE ….for RAJA

    VOTE for RAJA at as much as posible.

    Thank you

    Raja fan

  17. raja is one of the best singer raja ipray the god u r the winner raja u r excelant we wish u all the best good luck to u thank u
    raja fan

  18. aneek is the best

  19. Aneek deserves to be the winner and i hope he will be the winner.If he doesn’t wins no problem he is the winner in our heart.Please aneek u and musarrat please visit to my country Bangladesh.


  20. As predicted Aneek won. All three singers are good. Wish Zee TV had give 2nd and 3rd place winners 20 and 10 lakshs, but Zee TV is too cheap, they only want to pocket all the money. suckers.

  21. As predicted Aneek won. Wish Zeetv had given 2nd and third place winners 20 and 10 laksh. But you know Zeetv is too cheap. Suckers

  22. I wanted mauli to win i don’t care if she is not versitale but in which she can sing its superbbbb no one of saregamapa can sing like her i know that she has giver a little bad performances but no one is perfect
    And of the 3 finalists i don’t like them very much but a little bit of aneek.

  23. they all are great. everyone has their own style of singing. i’m not here to judge. i loved to listen all of them. they are all unic.

  24. by the way…they all are very cute too! 🙂

  25. I wanted Semedha to win i don’t care if she is not versitale but in which she can sing its superbbbb no one of saregamapa can sing like her i know that she has giver a little bad performances but no one is perfect
    And of the 3 finalists i don’t like them very much but a little bit of aneek.

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