Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007 — Spoiler

  • Raja is Number 1
  • Tentative Ranking

2. aneek

3. poonam

4. amanat

  • Confirmed Result – Sumedha is Eliminated
  • Friday – Stage Songs

Aneek – Om Shanti Om

Raja – Ramta Jogi

Amanat – Ek Haseena thi


~ by Rajeev on September 20, 2007.

19 Responses to “Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007 — Spoiler”

  1. For Sumedha,
    No, its not possible. I like her and her voice very much.
    Sumedha don’t worry, you will shine and rock the India.
    Best of luck.

    I love her very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love you Sumedha! I loved you, your voice, and you always shined in sa re ga ma pa. I miss you so much, and Bappi, but i know one day you will be a star, and sing to everyone in India.

    Missing you lots!

  3. who has done this ranking. I think the guy does’t have any sense of doing it.

    How Poonam can be number 3. She should be #15. It is a singing contest not a poverty contest. Always keep in mind.

    Sumedha is eliminated. It is unbelievable. You should learn singing and then rank these contestants.

  4. Rashmi – you are right. It is a singing competition not a sympathy contest. She created such an atmosphere that she got sympathy from the mentor, public and everybody.

    Raja is a good person and a singer as well. The others two Aneek and Amanat are much better than Poonam.

    Public voted her out but people are still sympathizing with her and want her to come up which is absolutely not fair.

  5. I agree with Anu and Rashmi. Sumedha is an excellent singer. The only thing she did not have sympathy votes so she was voted out before Poonam.

    Poonam is nothing but a big dramebaj. She reached in the last four with pre-planning.

    I am very happy that she is out of the contest.

  6. poonam was good singer but she was not innocent she was maha chalu girl getting sympathy from people. did you look at her eye and face. just like lakhnavi muzra girl…..i still feel bad that she is out…

  7. Sine I watched most of the shows , I like to write something on it. Poonam is excellant singer without
    proper training. If she tells her story , there is nothing wrong. Everybody feels for her struggle from bottom of heart. Please dont write these things about her. Ohh my Gid I cant imagine you people can write these things about her. Poonam.. my prayer with you all the time. Not only me.., many people wish for you. I know what is the meaning for struggle. You are God gifted. You sang that classical song so beautifully . But I must say something about Mouli.. I dont why Bapi lahiri says “she is born star”. My goodness, horrible voice. Her singing has no tune properly. Apart from
    one bihari song, she sang horribly. all the songs are in youtube. She is not at all talented.

  8. I feel so abut your nasty comments.. did you watch what Pandit Jasraj said about poonam” she is born for classical mucic” . You people should be ashamed of yourself that being born in luxery and not geeting tension from : aaj kya khange” you people only know
    how to comment badly. You could utilize your talent. BUT THIS IS TRUE you never tried instead of commenting bad about this girl. Can you imagine instead of daily struggle how she got gift for this beautiful voice.
    I think everytime before her performance, they were reminding her about struggling story that was making her so emotional that her voice was full of
    cry. Poonam,, dont take this tension, Poonam,, please keep it mind what Jagjit singh told you to do pranayam before singing. You are God gifted. You should not look back anymore. Lataji also had very
    struggling childhood. We saw inspite smile in your face on the stage and felt very happy that it gave so much happiness. I cant imagine such people exist. I am also in classical music and I know what God gave you. Your last song “kuhu kuhu” I cant imagine self taught without guru. Poonam, please dont feel bad about these nasty comments.
    You are genious. You had chosen sometimes very tough songs. Sumedha I must say very very plain
    streotype voice who understands music. She is in no way in the classsical part at all.
    We shuld all wish for Poonam. I understand what is the meaning of struggle. You feel like you are so
    alone but nobody to help you.

    For all those people who made so bad comments.. my best wishes that in next birth you will be born like this and go through the same pain she has gone through.

  9. Ruma – You don’t know anything about singing. Keep your mouth shut.

    Poonam is an excellent singer – from bottom or top. To me from the bottom, she is an excellent singer.

    I thank God Millions of times that she is gone.

  10. I dont know who you are but for sure I understand what kind of frustrated person you are without any quality. Show this to your parents that they will come to know about their precious child. you dont need to teach me if I understand music or not. But be human
    first at all.

  11. What quality you have? You are more frustrated than me. Every contestant is very important. She with sympathy votes eliminated good singers, who got lots of contracts without coming fourth on the show.

    For your information, she does’t have any contract and she will not get anything for sure.

    Show it to your parents, they will be happy to see.

    Mind your language and don’t teach me anything. You seem to be relative of Poonam who does’t want to listen anything about her.

  12. if you could meet me in personal , you would shameful on yourself what kind of person I am.
    No I am in no way relative. But as a [erson and lover of music, I listened all the songs.
    Better mind your language and behaviour first. You are extremely frustrated. time will prove tghat how frustrated you are. Who told you
    to give sympathatic vote? But dont say poonam is bad somnger among female contestants. She is best that everybody said so. They are showing that from what background she has come to that place from human level.

    I can say only you are extreme frustrated person inside.

  13. I have no interest in meeting a person who can’t hear the true fact of life.

    I am not at all frustrated. The only frustration is that good singers are out way too early than your favourite Poonam.

    She is nothing but a big dramebaj who knows where to throw the right card and that is what she did.

    Can’t she compare Sumedha who is 100000000 crores times better than this dramebaj.

    Understand this fact otherwise it will be too late.

    You can’t imagine how happy I was after she was thrown out of the show.
    For all those people who made so bad comments.. my best wishes that in next birth you will be born like this and go through the same pain she has gone through.

    My blessings are with you. You will be born like her and go through the same pain she has gone through.

  14. Firstly must appreciate Ruma to have given tough comments to Adnam. I agree to Ruma completely on Poonam. Among the Girls she is definitely the best singer. But just not that, I am a fan of Sumedha and was very upset when she had to go. But just believe one thing that God makes a way for certain people who deserved the most. Off all I would want Poonam to reach great heights in her career. Mr. Adnan ….you are one horrendous person with so sense of faith in anything…you are blind and disgusting to having made remarks on Poonam. Don’t make pass on anyone when you don’t know anyone personally. Hence sometimes what you see could be a illusion and you are just in that illusion. And by the way who the hell are you to bless people…God ?? hah.. Nothing but a dumb man who has lost all the 6 senses…. I truly and sincerely wish Poonam the very best in life. If she participates in any publice show in the USA ….will make it a point to go see her…

  15. Its not the fault of Poonam. Poonam has a great voice. It is 100% Himesh’s and “Yalgar” what’s his name (The mentor of Yalagr Garana) their fault. They brought her story over and over again on the stage. Himesh and Yalgr mentor did the Dramebaje and not Poonam. Poonam would have been in the top even without these mentors comments. These two mentors always do the Dramebaje. Himesh does the Dramebaje for Aneek as well. These two mentor’s should be out of the contest. The Best mentors are Vishal and Shekar. They are very decent and impartial. If you want to blame blame Himesh and Yalagar Mentor and Not Poonam! I agree Poonam is a good Singer. But I also agree these symathy stories should not be brought on Stage of singing contest.

  16. Great Site to get the latest on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and also the first in terms of results as they happen from the studia. The comments are interesting.

    Keep it going Rajeev Lennon. Thanks for the blog.

    My favourite is Aneek and Amanat. Sumeeda is a good singer. I agree that the only thing that needs to be projected on the stage is the talent. The opportunities are many and i am sure for the top talent there is place for all

  17. I have been to various SRGMP fan sites, and fora, but have never seen such vitriolic, insane and abusive comments, like I have seen on this forum. I am an ardent music lover, having been listening to Talat Mahmood, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey to Udit Narain. People like Mr. Adnan, who I simply don’t believe has any knowledge of music whatsoever, and who has been fed with regular dose of Himesh Besharmiya type of crap, which most people call music, should not make comment about someone whom he despise. If he has any favorite he is well within his right to praise him or her. But why use abusive and derogatory language against anyone else.

    Poonam never brought forth any of her sad stories, it was started by Ismail Darbar, and time and again Himesh kept reminding Poonam about her story which obiviously was done to distract her. And to distract and influence public opinion against her. He did it each time Poonam performed wonderfully.

    So please stick to praising your favorite and do not pass any personal remarks.

  18. Dear friends,
    I think we are here to appreciate the talent and not to criticise anyone singer. Choice and liking of each individual will always be different. I personally feel, and it is my personal opinion, that as on date we do not have any young female singer comparable to POONAM. She is a very versatile and talented singer, and you can imagine what circumstances she has been through in her life, to come to this stage. We must give her due to her and acknowledge whole heartedly the talent in her. Please bless her and do not criticise.
    I have a great liking for Sumedha’s voice and singing quality as well, so please do not take me wrong. May God Bless these two young singers, and our lovable Amanat, Aneek, And Raja! As far as I am cocerned, I like Amanat’s voice, and please vote for him.

    With love to you all. _ Sarbjit Bajwa


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