Hey You

“Hey You ” is a song by the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd. It was released on The Wall album in 1979.

“Hey You” is told from the point of view of the protagonist, Pink. Pink realizes the mistake he has made completely shunning himself from society, and is attempting to regain contact with the outside world. However, his wall blocks any calls he makes. Pink’s call becomes more and more desperate as he begins to realize there is no escape.

In the broader sense, the album is about an artist’s isolation from his audience. Under this view, “Hey You” takes on a different view, highlighting the alienation of the audience (who are standing in the aisles, all alone, getting cold and no longer smiling), and the artist wondering if he can even reach them any longer (whether they can hear him, touch him, feel him).

The song constitutes the bridge from Pink isolating himself from reality to joining the fascist movement “The Worms”, expressed by the line “…and the worms ate into his brain”.


~ by Rajeev on June 10, 2007.

One Response to “Hey You”

  1. To all interested,

    The explainations given here depicting the meaning of “Hey You” is obviously not quite on target in light of the movie nor the lyrics. It is openly apparent that the message intended was that the fight for freedom and liberty is the plight of those who understand, charish, and willing to do whatever it takes to establish it and/or keep it alive; even to their demise if necessary, in stark contrast to those who could care less and willing to exist without it. The true freedom fighters who are always in the minority throughout the world beg for help from the brain-dead majority in most cases for naught. (“United we stand – Divided we fall”) Amost all Pink Floyd’s songs are about the fight against oppression which is the fight for freedom from the status quo which always is hell-bent on extinguishing precious freedom and liberty from all. That is all!

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