India v/s Sri Lanka

Start pouring in… What do you think? What will happen tonight? I am in bit of a NBD… How about you?


~ by Rajeev on March 23, 2007.

9 Responses to “India v/s Sri Lanka”

  1. India wins the toss.

  2. I have a feeling India will win… but already with so many extras conceded and the way, the openers are playing.. i don’t know
    But anyway, tonight is the night.

  3. Yes… India is not playing as per what I had expected. The game is going out of India’s hands… They’ve gotta do something very soon.

  4. Relax guys .. 117/3 in 29 overs .. we are doin OK .. but i wud like bhajji to at least stop the runs if not take wkts … ganguly got the surprise wkt .. but off late SL middle order has been bailing them out of trouble .. get Tharanga out … its probably his highest score against India man !!!

  5. In the meantime .. check out the headline on TOI
    ‘Team India ke liye aaj hai katal kee raat’

  6. bhajji is pathetic

  7. India is pathetic. 255 to chase is gonna be difficult if not impossible.

  8. India gave them atleast 30-40 easy runs. It’s gonna cost them bigtime.

  9. I am disappointed with Dravid. His captaincy at best was not convincing. A better captain would have got SL within 200 runs and BD within 150.

    Is there a forum for this blog?

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