$%#@ing go away!!!

Ganguly – if you have some respect @#$&ing go away! We don’t need you…


~ by Rajeev on March 19, 2007.

15 Responses to “$%#@ing go away!!!”

  1. Yeah.
    Bring on Rahul Dravid.

  2. Yo man! He ruined India’s chances to go to next round. If he wasn’t there, India would surely have made 450-475. He is a frickin’ loser…

  3. I thought it was Rahul Dravid
    who ruined India’s chances in the last match.

    Wrong decision to bat
    wrong decision to select Sehwag as opener
    going in with seven batsmen
    LBW for 14, and beaten by a delivery on the stumps
    dropped the catch of opener Iqbal
    multiple misfieldings
    insipid captaincy on the field.

    Everybody wins against Bermuda
    Anyone can score a century against Bermuda,
    even Sehwag.
    The real test is against Sri Lanka.

    God help the captain and coach if we lose it.
    For I am certain Ganguly will
    take over the captaincy after the World Cup.

  4. more-fuckin-on..meaning moron for you.. dropped catch in the deep which costed india 30 fucking runs..lousy slow fucking batting costing india a 500 run mark..and you think all that fucking ganguly did was good–get your fucking head examined..moron.. he should out of the fucking team.. yuvraj — 83 of 46..sehwag 114 of 87..thats called batting..now the fucking slow ganguly make 80 odd after using up more than 1/3rd of the total no of balls india faced as a team…ganguly–captain–in your fucking gully team maybe..

  5. @ vraina
    so very well mannered and cultured comment.

    India under Dravid got the boot against Bangladesh.
    Accepted by all as the worst Indian defeat ever in ODIs.

    If I remember right 66 of the Indian 191 was Ganguly’s, and 30 from the last wicket.
    The rest of the top order got Dravid is a liability in ODIs,
    can’t hit, never bowled, drops catches, can’t even take the right decision.

    Indian ODI team is now in disarray
    in a desperate attempt to fit him in the team.
    The reason for all the chopping and changing and no fixed batting order.

    With Dhoni donning the gloves,
    there is no more need for him in the team.
    Time he realised he is bringing down the Indian team and stepped down.

    When I read comments like yours
    full of unnecessary swear words,
    the more I enjoy seeing Rahul Dravid getting his backside kicked.
    Dravid’s days in ODIs are numbered,
    and you know it.

  6. what you talking about man.. ganguly dropped catches in game against bermuda — they should ve been 120 all out instead they made 40 more runs thanks to ganguly.. and he batting was super slow and pathetic..

  7. I am talking about our defeat against Bangladesh,
    it is so convenient to forget.
    The match where lost because of our dud captain.

    When Dravid drops catches,
    its acceptable
    nobody even mentions it.

    When he scores slowly it is
    “innings building”
    “rotating strike”
    “giving support”
    “the Wall”.

    Its two-faced supporters
    with double standards
    who are pathetic.

    All you can do is abuse on the internet.
    I will be watching the great amusement when
    Indian management realises the real problem.

    Pray that Sehwag scores in the next match,
    or Dravid’s backside will get roasted.

  8. Little indian, You have no idea what you are talking about. If you think dravid dropped a catch in match against bangladesh, go and get your eyes checked first.

    I am sorry to say you have no idea what this game of cricket is all about. You are comparing dravid “the wall” with pathetic ganguly. It was a shame to watch ganguly play like that against bangladesh & bermuda. If he had any respect, he would have hit his bat into the wicket.

  9. ayeeoo little indian aahh…where you born aaahh?? what double you talking ahh? little indian aah.. you aah.. look at ganguly’s strike rate aah.. you ahh..little indian aah.. look at what he did against bangladesh aah..created so much pressure aah.. 60 odd runs of more than 130 balls.. bloody increasing the pressure aah..look at sri lanka left handers how they screw bangladeshi left super slow super useless spinners.. you aah little indian aah..take a little poison aahh..and give me a break aah..

  10. Ganguly has played
    just like Dravid has been playing
    for all these years.

    Yes Ganguly has matured,
    he has learn’t from Dravid

    How to bat slowly,
    without taking any chances
    preserving his wicket
    and creating pressure on everyone else.
    Not get out and get the MOMs.
    He has 155 runs already.
    Er and Dravid has how much?

    In fact all other batsmen should follow Dravid’s wonderful example. LOL
    If it was alright with Dravid for so many years,
    its fine now by Ganguly too.

    The more you all abuse, more I enjoy,
    the proverbial boot is on the other foot.

  11. @ Sabyasachi,

    that thing that Kamim Iqbal had hit (the batsman who slaugtered the bowlers for 50 runs)
    and came to Dravid at mid-off
    and hit his hands above and to the right of his head
    and popped out again to hit the turf,
    was a catch dropped. LOL.

  12. Guyz,
    There is no end to this debate.

    There is no denying that Ganguly was an amazing player once upon a time and I was a great fan of him myself. It’s time for him to move on and let others take the team india forward.


  13. little indian, you are a loser…

  14. Say that to
    Rahul Dravid and Team India
    when their flight arrives in Mumbai on Sunday

    and do give Chappell
    a raised finger salute
    he likes that…..

  15. okay aahh little indian aahh you are fortune teller aah ganguly will be india’s captain aah india will win world cup aah you are great aahh..

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