Jack Daniel’s Backstage Tennessee: 1st Annual Indian Rock Awards

Was in Delhi last week and came to know about this. Googled it and got it in first shot. There’ll be 12 shows in Delhi before the awards ceremony. Copy n paste from http://www.gigpad.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=275&Itemid=43



It gives me great pleasure to inform you that everything for the 1st Annual Rock Awards is proceeding as per schedule. We have been receiving a lot of entries and I would request all of you to start sending in your entries now because the cut-off date is the 15th of January 2006. In case you don’t have all the details regarding the Awards, please find the details below on this or mail me at shivangi.lal@riffonline.in.

Selection Criteria:
In order to qualify, the bands need to fulfill at least two of the following criteria:
1. Released an album in the period 1st Jan 2006 to 31st Dec 2006 (In case the band wishes to participate in the Album of the Year category).
2. Actively played concerts / competitions in above mentioned period.
3. Have more than one recorded originals on a CD.

The awards will be divided into the following categories:

Individual Excellence Category
Vocalist Of The Year
Guitar Player Of The Year
Bass Player Of The Year
Keyboard Player Of The Year
Drummer Of The Year

Creative Excellence Category
Song Of The year
Album Of The Year (Rock)
Album Of The Year (Metal)
Album Of The Year (Fusion)

Technical and Support Category
Best Sound Engineer
Best Lights Engineer
Best Music Equipment Store
Best Sound-Light Outsourcing Company
Best Music School
Live Rock Venue Of The Year

News Makers Category
Best Band Debut
JD Hall Of Fame Award
Band Of The Year Award

Please send us the following:
1. Biography of the Band.
2. Details of Gigs played.
3. Complete contact details of each band member.
4. A Band Photograph.
5. Song / Album with an original song.
6. Mention if all members of the band have passports and do mention the passport numbers.

In case you are sending a soft copy, send it to shivangi.lal@riffonline.in.
In case you are sending a hard copy, send it at the following address:
Shivangi Lal
C8/8793, Ground Floor,
Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi – 110070
Tel: 91-11-41777018/41777019
Mobile: 9313085591/ 9910895701

Last date for receiving entries is the 15th of January 2007.
The entries will be sent to our 15 member jury panel.
Nomination forms would be available at select venues in from 8th Feb onwards till 8th Mar 2007.
The Online Voting and SMS system shall also go live on the same day.

Final results will be decided on the basis of both popular votes and recommendations of jury panel. The overall selection, mechanics and arrival to the winners is being undertaken by reputed auditors.

The Band of the Year wins an all expenses paid trip to the JD Australian Rock Awards!!

I will post the dates and venues for the buildup gigs shortly. We will have 12 shows in Delhi before the awards ceremony in Delhi.

Bands interested in playing at the build-up gigs can get in touch with any of the following:
Shivangi Lal – shivangi.lal@riffonline.in, 9313085591, 9910895701
Asif Khan – asif.khan@riffonline.in, 9811819119

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Keep rocking in the New Year.

Cheers and Rock On!!



~ by Rajeev on February 5, 2007.

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