1 Year In Singapore

Wow, time has flown. Exactly one year ago today, I landed in Singapore. Since then a lot has happened; I’ve changed / grown personally and professionally. I still remember those few days in december 2005 when I was really confused and wasn’t sure whether I was going to end up here or not. As I look back on the year, I feel I made the right choice. Here are a few experiences, events and unique things (in no particular order) that defines my journey in last one year:

  • Working on a project called “Day 2”. I am proud to have been a part of the wonderful team. They say – “This was a dream. It took a tremendous amount of teamwork and trust in each other to make this dream a reality”. This indeed was a dream for me especially because this was the first project of this kind in my professional career. Long, long hours put in were enjoyed thoroughly. Apart from work, a few other memories associated with this project are –
    • Crazy team parties after each milestone
    • Taking out an hour or two in the evenings, whenever possible, to visit Beach Hut (for a local band Hearts) and Boat/Clark Quay
    • Watching Cricket, 2006 FIFA world cup, EPL & Champions League matches while working in the evenings
    • Eating out in a 24 hr open prata place Al-Jilani early in the mornings
    • Listening to “Himesh Reshamiya” songs with friends

    This pretty much sums up my first 7 months in Singapore.

  • Rocking out with my friends and “The UnXpected” week after week after week in Wala Wala, Timbre & Muddy Murphy’s – like there’s no tomorrow. I have lived my passion with them and I feel much closer to the music today.
  • Learning Salsa in Two-Left-Feet dance school. This was so much fun. I have stopped it though for unknown reasons.
  • Breaking promises for salsa again and again – unknowingly
  • Messing up my finances really bad
  • Missing a flight and an important meeting. Missing another flight and a critical meeting – a weekafter
  • Forgetting a friend’s camcorder, that had many memories associated, in a cab and not being able to find it inspite of chasing comfort immediately. Forgetting again – a friend’s life in cab this time and being lucky to find it.
  • Watching “Under Pressure” and “Bohemian Rhaphsody” video from the Queen – Live at Wembley Stadium DVD innumerous number of times with friends
  • Discovering Dream Theater, Rush, Electric Light Orchestra and many others while continuing to be learn more about John Lennon and The Beatles.
  • Resuming guitaring after a break of 3 years and stopping again. No excuses.
  • Skipping lunches and dinners. My friends say – “I don’t eat”.
  • Drinking Cafe Latte from Food Barn almost every single working day between 8AM & 10 AM

Here are a few dates I will remember:

  • 5th Jan 2006 – First day in Singapore
  • 21st Apr 2006 – The Beach Hut party with project team
  • 22nd Jun 2006 – First visit to Wala Wala 1st floor with a friend – one day before a project party, discovering The UnXpected
  • 28th Jul 2006 – Had to return back from the Esplanade without being able to watch the Newfound Jealousy concert, because of bad planning.
  • 4th Aug 2006 – “Day2” go-live
  • 21st Sep 2006 – First visit to Wala Wala with the newly married friends
  • 7th Oct 2006 – Celebration of John Lennon’s birthday in Wala Wala with The UnXpected. Video shooting the experience.
  • 28th Oct 2006 – In school dress – Salsa graduation party and rocking evening with The UnXpected
  • 9th Nov 2006 – Malmsteen concert in Fort Caning Park. Being able to reach next to the guitar god
  • 24th Nov 2006 – Party that shook me and my friends
  • 28th Nov 2006 – Lunchbox concert in Esplanade concert hall. Watching The UnXpected on big stage – in a concert hall for the first time.
  • 14th Dec 2006 – Recording starts for Shirlyn’s first album
  • 31th Dec 2006 – NYE with friends @Timbre

I realize I have come a long way. I am fortunate I got a chance to know so many wonderful people and to make some really good friends. I have a lot to be proud of and to be thankful for.

Theoritically, I am on an assignment in Singapore and travelling but I know I am not.

When I leave home in the morning for work, I reach another home. I am proud to be working with people who are wonderful human beings in addition to being outstanding in what they do.

I feel home rocking out in the evening after work. It’s wonderful being able to see a few talented and passionate people living their passion every minute.

Singapore feels like home.

I feel priviledged.


~ by Rajeev on January 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “1 Year In Singapore”

  1. cool… you had a great year in Singapore.

    and now it sinks in that I haven’t meet you for a whole year…

    One thing that I will remember from the past year is chatting with you on gtalk, every time on a single topic 🙂

    Sorry, I did not plan well to come to Singapore, but will definitely try this year.

    “It’s wonderful being able to see a few talented and passionate people living their passion every minute.”

    very well said !

  2. Yo man!!! Gtalk has been fun. We can publish a white paper on that topic, if not a book 🙂

    Plan well and come soon. We’ll paint the town RED!!! ha ha

  3. Gosh it’s been 6mths since we met! I’m glad we have you to remind us why we get on stage night after night!

  4. Time flies when you are having fun 😀

  5. Hey, I came across your page while I googled Food Barn to see what selection of food they have! It’s a really cool page you have here and I can really identify with what you’ve said. I’ve been here for almost 3 years now and it feels like home- life is fun!


  6. that’s rite! Life’s good!!! Thx for visiting my blog!!

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