So… My 2007 started with a travel. Before I could recover from the heavy duty NYE rockgiri @Timbre, I found myself in Jakarta. Somehow managed to take out an hour yesterday to visit Hard Rock Cafe.

HRC Cafe Jakarta’s theme is primarily The Beatles :). The main entrance has following lines from the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” written by Freddie Mercury – “Tonight Im gonna have myself a real good time I feel alive and the world turning inside out yeah!“. There was a local band that responded to my request and played their rendition of Imagine (John Lennon) in indonesian accent. Quite funny but sung from the heart 🙂 I LOVED it. Other 2 songs I could relate to were – No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley) & Sweet Home Alabama (Lynrd Skynyrd). They were a 8-piece band with 4 vocalists (1 male & 3 females). It was basically a good experience.

The client meeting today went quite well – much better than I expected. I better get going now in search of a good live rock music place. Have heard a lot about Jakarta’s music scene from a friend of mine who is not reachable currently. I’ll try to explore it myself…


~ by Rajeev on January 2, 2007.

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