Afreen Afreen (آفریں آفریں)

Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, one of the greatest musical talents of Pakistan & Asia. Written by Javed Akhtar, one of the greatest Lyricist of India. Lisa Ray looks mind bogglingly gorgeous in the video too!!! The video was shot in Rajasthan, the place where I belong to 🙂


Husn-e-jaana ki tareef mumkin nahi
Afreen afreen
Afreen afreen
Tu bhi dekhe agar to kahe hum-nashi
Afreen afreen
Afreen afreen

Aisaa dekha nahi khubsoorat koi
Jism jaise Ajanta ki murat koi
Jism jaise nigahon pe jadoo koi
Jism nagma koi, jism khusboo koi
Jism jaise machalti hui raagini
Jism jaise mehakti hui chandni
Jism jaise hai khilta hua ek chaman
Jism jaise hai suraj ki pehli kiran
Jism tarsha hua, dilkash-o-dilnashi
Sandali sandali
Makhmali makhmali

Afreen afreen
Afreen afreen

Aankhen dekhi to main dekhta reh gaya
Jaam do aur dono hi do aatisha
Aankhen ya maikade ke do baab hain
Aankhen unko kahoon, ya kahoon khwaab hai
Aankhen neechi hui to hayaa ban gayi
Aankhen oonchi hui to dua ban gayi
Aankhen uth kar jukhi to adaa ban gayi
Aankhen jhuk kar uthi to fazaa ban gayi
Aankhen jin mein hain qaid aasmaan-o-zamin
Nargisi nargisi
Surmayi surmayi


~ by Rajeev on December 29, 2006.

5 Responses to “Afreen Afreen (آفریں آفریں)”

  1. That is from Sangam. Buddy, you reminded the old memories back. The album was efforts to bring the two nations together with the common bond of art. The album was well received.


  2. JV, Thanks! I have old memories associated with this song too. This probably is the best sufi song I have ever listened to.

  3. One of the finest compositions, perfect;y delivered, itoxicating!!

  4. One of the finest compositions, perfectly delivered, itoxicating!! Absolutely super!!

  5. its realy awful…

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