Blues Night @Timbre

Free entry, amazing ambience, yummy pizzas, superb muzik and a great crowd. The blues night on November 25th at the Timbre was a night to remember.

The Line-Up

  • Steve White – Acoustic One Man Band
  • Ublues (Danny Loong, Francis Chan & Gary Tan)
  • Kelvin “Smokey” Ng
  • A few other jammers

Steve White demonstrated what a man can possibly do single handedly. He sang, played acoustic guitar & harmonica, and tapped feet on his custom made floor box.

Steve White - Acoustic One Man Band
Steve White @Timbre
It was truly an experience to watch him live.

This is what people say about him:

“…Even the songs he hasn’t written himself become his when he plays them. His style is expressive and highly percussive. Listen to Steve. Here is what you get: His guitar in a low tuning of his own invention, he plays a bass line while alternating a slap-string right hand style with rhythmic accents on the off-beats, playing the guitar-top like a drum. With a slide on his pinky, a wailing blues harmonica on a rack in front of his mouth filling the breaks between raspy-voiced verses, and his clog-shod feet drumming away on an amplfied footboard of his own design – the concert audience experiences a musical thunderstorm.”

Ublues (Universal Blues Band) & Smokey played the last set with other jammers. They jammed with Steve White as well.

Ublues & Smokey @Timbre

Danny on keyboard & lead guitar, Smokey on Harmonica, Francis on Bass, Gary on Drums & many others – last set was full of solos. They clearly enjoyed themselves and showed us a different side of blues.



Ublues is an Australian-born, Singapore-based band who play now in exclusive events only. Know more about them here and here. This is what people say about them & their album “get on the blues train”:

“Every few years in our local music scene, a musician or band appears which excites me when I listen to them. The UBlues band is one such band. They have become an important component of the Singapore music scene and they have also piqued the interest of Blues fans in the region and beyond. Blues music seems like a simple genre of music to play, mostly because most of the tunes only have three or four chord changes. It is an artform that is easy to learn but difficult to master. As a result, if not played well, I usually get restless and need to leave after two or three tunes. However, the UBlues Band plays the Blues with such authenticity and heart that I usually end up staying all night to listen to them. The Ublues band is the real thing.”
– Jeremy Monteiro – Singapore’s King of Swing and Cultural Medallion winner

“The Universal Blues Band plays and sings the blues with deep feeling and real taste. They are excellent musicians who compare favorably with the finest American blues bands. The intensity and honesty of their music truly moved me.”
– Bruce Iglauer – Founder of multiple-Grammy nominated Alligator Records, USA

I ended up learning a lot about the blues genre of muzik and I know I will surely explore it further in future.


~ by Rajeev on November 30, 2006.

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  1. cool… i wish i was there

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