steve White Blues Returns to Singapore!

Steve White

For the month of November, 24th and 25th, Audio Electric Research (AER) and Martin Guitar & Co are proud to present acoustic blues entertainer, Steve White from the USA.

For those who missed him last year and also for his fans who cannot get enough of him, here’s your opportunity!

A unique and talented acoustic blues performer, Steve White sings, plays the harmonica and his Martin guitar (installed with AER pickup), taps his feet on his custom made floor box, all amplified through his AER Domino acoustic amp. It’s always entertaining to watch his unusual performance.

Steve is the ultimate self-contained band, a tornado of synchronous polyrhythms lubricated with viscous swamp funk and propelled by serpentines slides and undulations. Earthy, rural idioms are infused with a worldly sophistication and autoorchestrated with masterful, wary lyrics, engaging vocals, compelling footwork, and mouthharp playing that defies the presumed limitations of a neck brace holder.

His songs document life’s journey and the stops along the way, new vistas’ around the corner, capturing the images and chance encounters and magical mystery spots. He grew up in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and later studied painting and fine arts in the US.


Live in Concert
24 November 06, 8pm, EarShot @ The Arts House (The Old Parliament House)

25 November 06, 9pm, Timbre Music Restaurant & Bar (The Substation Garden)
Exclusive performance by one of Singapore’s top bands, Ublues feat. Smokey plus all-star blues jam with Steve White with other guests.

Acoustic Workshop
25 November 06, 3pm, City Music Showroom
See Steve White up-close and get inspired to play the acoustic guitars!

For more information, please visit:


~ by Rajeev on November 21, 2006.

One Response to “steve White Blues Returns to Singapore!”

  1. Steve White spends most of his time playing in San Diego when in the U.S.

    I try to seem him as often as possible and I am never disappointed.
    He is an awesome musician with thoughtful lyrics and a great voice to boot.

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