A Night of Salsa & The UnXpected!

Last saturday night was the night of our salsa graduation cum Halloween party @ Xenbar and the night of The UnXpected @ Wala Wala.

Pics for now… Words later…

Salsa Graduation & Halloween Party

Alex & Jac - Salsa Instructors

Deepa & Akash

Deepa & Akash

Alex & Jac

Hock-Leng & Deepa

Two Left Feet Salsa Instructors

Believe it or not - Hock-Leng won 2nd Prize :)

First Prize Winner

Brandon Khoo - The UnXpected Band Hunk

Shirlyn Tan aka Spunky - The UnXpected Band Lead

Rene Hombre - The UnXpected Man!!!

Asri aka dbassbitch

Shirlyn again! Brandon in background

UHLI with Brandon @ Breko

UHLI with Shirlyn & Brandon @ Breko


~ by Rajeev on October 31, 2006.

4 Responses to “A Night of Salsa & The UnXpected!”

  1. coolness! 🙂

  2. i like this blog

  3. hi y r u all celebrating halloween it’s an american pagan holiday r u people crazy ? is this singapore?

  4. Fazal, What’s wrong in celebrating an american pagan festival? What’s wrong with you?

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